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What if everything IS perfect?

The human mind has a tendency to find imperfections. It analyzes, creates problems, wants to fix and change things. The mind is the culprit of feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with life. There may be things about our life we wish to change and “fix.” But what if everything was perfect as is it? Perhaps these imperfections are needed to guide us in the “right” direction. 

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2017 Wish for Humanity

Just before the clock struck midnight, I spoke aloud my wish for humanity for 2017… I wish for humanity to continue to awaken to the divinity of who they are. For humans to realize that this physical reality is a game, and that we get to create whatever we want. I wish for humans to realize how powerful we are. We are tapped into limitless potential. We can create any life we desire... The "how to" tools are available to everyone.

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