The Initiation – 6 Week Online Course

The Initiation – 6 Week Online Course


The Initiation Course is a 6 week structured course to jumpstart your health and happiness in mind, body and spirit. With this course you will begin healing yourself. 


Each week you will receive a video and worksheet from Dr. Nikki Starr with inspiring content, exercises, information and wellness gems on the following topics: 

  • Nutrition Guidance- healthy does taste good, food is medicine
  • Meditation Tips and Instruction- enhance time management and life flow
  • Breathing Techniques- decrease stress levels and anxiety
  • Yoga/Body Movement for a Daily at Home Practice- elevate mood and increase energy levels
  • Positive Mindset and Spirituality - feel happier and enhance interactions, friendships and relationships
  • Daily Wellness Practices- increase life enjoyment and master of living
  • Conscious, Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Tips- enhance your environment and your healthier
  • And so much more! 


The Initiation course is usually offered over 3 months with private coaching. For the Ultimate Health Summit, you receive a special discounted offer to experience the course in 6 weeks to jumpstart your health, healing and happiness to a new level! 


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Course begins 1 week after Dr. Nikki Starr's interview airs on Ultimate Health Summit. You will receive a welcome email, followed by an email each week for 6 weeks with the course content and a closing email.


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