Elevate Your Existence – Live Stream Workshop Series

Elevate Your Existence – Live Stream Workshop Series


Ever wonder how a person in a room can be so magnetic? They’re radiant, centered and you can feel there’s something special about them. There’s something about them you are drawn to, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Basically–they have incredible energy. 

We all have the potential to embody radiance and high vibes–the key is knowing HOW to!

In this November Workshop we meet every Sunday 1:30-3:30PM Pacific time/4:30-6:30PM Eastern via live stream from 11/4-11/25.

Become even more magnetic and an energetic match for the life you love, desire and deserve. This is a transformational and healing experience that will evolve what you think you know about yourself and your life. You’re invited to cut through the BS and live the life you were born to live. No experience necessary. Both beginner and experienced meditators will learn something new.

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In this workshop series you’ll learn:

  • energetic techniques to amplify your inner light, good vibes and radiance

  • ways to detox, clear and protect yourself from negative energy

  • meditation practices to center and calm yourself in any situation

  • how to manifest and attract into your life exactly what you desire with your energy

  • over 15 practices/techniques/tools to elevate your energy to live your dream life

  • mystic and energy mastery secrets to access your fullest potential and live life fully embodied as the creator being that you are.


Flow of Series:

  • We meet every Sunday morning during the month of November – 11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 11/25

  • Those joining the live stream will connect via Zoom. All classes are recorded in case you need to miss a session. You will be connecting into a live class happening in person in Los Angeles.

  • We begin promptly at 1:30PM Pacific (4:30PM Eastern) and end promptly 3:30PM Pacific (6:30PM Eastern)

  • Detailed notes and worksheets of the practices will be shared via our online classroom for you to reference and practice beyond class time.

  • The sessions are a mix of explanations and guidance through the meditations and energy techniques, as well as a discussion of the benefits and when/how to use each one.

  • During each session there will be time for Q&A and to share about your experiences as you practice throughout the week.

  • This workshop series is also an energy healing and activation. The techniques you learn will help to clear limiting thoughts, patterns and beliefs while awakening even more of you fullest potential. Healing energies are infused into every session and people finish this experience transformed and inspired to live life on purpose–to create and live a life they love.


  • Each week students will receive an energy clearing and blessing.

  • Everyone enrolled receives a 33% discount on personal one-on-one sessions with Dr. Nikki Starr during the month of November

  • Access to an online community classroom and discussion board to continue the conversation, support and learning throughout the week. Resources will also be shared here.



About your guide:

Dr. Nikki Starr Noce, M.D. is a medical doctor, transformational intuitive coach, spiritual healer and guide, energy and shamanic practitioner of various modalities, mystic, alchemist and meditation teacher. She has traveled the world far and wide studying countless healing arts with various practitioners to distill the gems of powerful wisdom shared in this workshop series. To learn more visit drnikkistarr.com and follow @drnikkistarr on Instagram for daily inspirations.




“Dr Nikki’s course gave me the tools to come back into myself. I feel stronger, more centered, and fully convinced at the Power of the Universe. Every week it felt as though my energy was becoming more refined through the meditations, and my life has felt more in “flow”.

A personal favourite is the Energy Cleansing Meditation. This is now my regular practice. I find that I feel lighter and better able to distinguish between my energy and the energy of others.

Through the course, I’ve developed the discipline to regularly meditate, and learned an array of different types! It was lovely to be guided through all of the meditations. The sessions were supportive and helped to keep me motivated throughout the week! Also very grateful for the contained space we had to share, if we felt like sharing.

Dr. Nikki is an incredible teacher, too. She’s powerful. Yet very loving, and compassionate. I’m very grateful for her guidance, and for the wisdom of the course. ”

“Amazing course! Nikki is very dedicated and caring. Her inner light is magnetic! Different types of what I call “active meditation” helped to connect deeper to myself, embrace my inner light and trust the universe and my purpose more. ”

“Nikki is amazing! She creates a supportive, integral teaching space that honors each person’s time and energy to participate. Second, she has a passion for leading the most wonderful meditative and healing journeys. For me, that alone made this course so worthwhile. Third, her extensive interests and background allows her to relate and communicate well with everyone.”