Adventures in Intimacy Workshop

Adventures in Intimacy Workshop


In this “playshop” you will journey through intimate experiences that awaken the heart senses, deepen connection and ignite your inner fire. In this nonsexual intimacy adventure we use tantric and tao practices in meditation, eye-gazing, movement and sensory exercises to deepen human connection. We'll guide you to discover new and playful ways of diving deep within yourself and with other beautiful souls.

Join us if you’re single or you may even bring a partner! There will be fun partner exercises for everyone and opportunities to connect with others. This is a truly transformational experience for partners that want to rekindle their connection and passion. Solo adventurers always have a powerful heart opening experience. Everyone leaves remembering what’s truly important in life.


  • Who: Guided by Nikki Starr Noce, M.D. 
  • What: Adventures in Intimacy
  • Where: TBD
  • When: TBD
  • Why: Because being human is all about connection.
  • How: Reserve your ticket in advance $35.  $40 day of.

Dress comfortable for meditation.

See testimonials below! Contact with any questions. 

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Adventures in Intimacy is the love child of Nikki Starr Noce and Leah Santa Cruz. They created it in March of 2016 and have since hosted 6 Adventures in Intimacy. As they are both travel the world, they each host Adventures in Intimacy whenever they can to share the love across the planet! 

Intimacy is closeness. It is a feeling of belonging. It is being seen and seeing. Intimacy is connecting deeply with another soul. Intimacy is one beautiful aspect of being human. 

And to be clear–we're not talking about sex. 

Intimacy does not mean sex. And sex does not mean intimacy. 

I’m talking about authentic, heart to heart connection. 

The heart longs to connected with another. The heart longs to love and be loved. Love is what it means to be human. And one way to express love is through intimacy. 

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Hi Nikki!

It was such a pleasure to meet you! I feel like I met a soul sister for sure! I instantly resonated with your energy. Thank you for holding such a beautiful loving open-hearted space for people to connect. I was a little nervous about going to the Intimacy workshop especially solo, but it was exactly what I was looking for- an opportunity to connect with others from a heart centered place in a way that was fun, joyful, heart- warming and expansive. You have such an effortlessly genuine love full presence that creates a safe space that’s very welcoming. I wish you weren’t going back to Italy- if the intimacy workshop was here all the time, I’d seriously go every week. With so many of us feeling isolated, overworked and in our heads, it’s such a vital practice to be present for ourselves and be able to connect with others. Human connection is so needed in the world, especially to allow ourselves to embrace others, fully hold and also be held. When I left the workshop I was amazed at how at ease and softened I felt in my body. Truly a heart expanding transformative experience! Thank you!
— Lauren A.
From the moment I arrived, Nikki you provided such a loving & welcoming embrace. Thank you.

The session for me, was trans-formative in so many positive ways. There was so much loving energy and I knew this would be one of those things that would have a ripple of positive side effects days after the session. I still feel as great/loving as I felt yesterday and will carry the feeling & message for a long time. This can’t be undone & can’t be forgotten.

From the meditation to the connecting/intimacy parts of the program, it was all very engaging, very enriching and very enlightening. I was put in a place where these actions would totally feel uncomfortable but all of that went away withing seconds as you ladies provided such a safe space & gentle guidance. It was so easy & had a perfect flow. Thank you.

Connecting with the other people in the ways in which we connected felt so natural. It felt as though this is how we are supposed to connect or perhaps we are all longing for this type of connection/communication. Either way, the transfer of energy between these people i’ve never met before, was beautiful and I loved every minute of it.
— Elisa
Dr. Nikki Starr truly is a love ambassador! In the Adventures In Intimacy workshop I had an exhilarating and blissful evening connecting with my new friends as we turned on each others’ oxytocin systems at full blast. I learned a lot about myself and others as we ventured into new territory of acceptance, belonging, creativity, and fun. Nikki is a beautiful inspiration and a skillful guide.
— Martin S
I attended the Adventures in Intimacy with Dr Nikki Noce in New York. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I got there and met a few people and then the adventure began. When Nikki Starr speaks you immediately feel comfortable. Her soft voice speaking to you, she looks you in the eyes, she smiles and you almost feel like she is only speaking to you. As the adventure moves on it seems strange because you are face to face with a stranger and you are almost uncomfortable but then all of sudden you feel close to that person. You are staring into their eye you are hugging then you sit and you are talking to them and then you are listening, you start to massage and dance with someone you barely know but it’s comfortable. I learned some things I didn’t know about myself and about a few strangers, but by the time we left each other we weren’t strangers anymore. The awkward hello turned into a big hug and “it was so nice meeting you”.
Whenever Nikki Starr is in New York I always try to take the time to attend a seminar or yoga and meditation class. I always leave there with such an amazing feeling and so relaxed. Last night was no different, my heart and soul felt renewed. I can’t wait until the next time.
— Ophelia R.
Dr Nikki Starr and Leah created a beautiful space fostering the magic of human connection. It’s wonderful to interact with strangers as brothers and sisters of a great family, the class nurtures the tools to carry this feeling into the world at large. Much love to Dr Nikki and Leah!
— Reza
I had the recent pleasure of experiencing Leah and Dr. Nikki’s Intimacy workshop. I’m so happy I went! Being a single male, I was a little worried leading up to the workshop that maybe I wouldn’t fit in or that perhaps it was more geared to couples...Well that wasn’t the case at all. It’s a great workshop for singles and couples alike.

Leah and Dr. Nikki made me feel so comfortable from the onset. Their exercises were really fun and playful and left me feeling the love! I stepped out of my comfort zone and gained real insight into how to have a deeper level of communication with both strangers and loved ones. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to have a fun heart opening experience.
— Tony
I serendipitously found a playful advertisement for Adventures in Intimacy through social media, I was all in! Nervous from having no idea what to expect, Nikki helped me feel safe and grounded the minute I reached out to her through her patient and immediate responses to all of the questions I had about the event. Once I arrived at the venue, she gave me the same care & attention and the magic began.

I highly recommend an evening with Dr Nikki & Leah (if you’re fortunate enough to have them both in the same place)!! It was such an enchanting and unique way to spend a Saturday night. Encountering unexpected forms of intimacy were eye opening, heart expanding, and made my soul smile. Dr Nikki & Leah hold a safe space for profound (non sexual) interactions & exploration with their confident softness. I’m forever grateful for the memories created there by me and my partner.
— Lisa
I had the pleasure of attending Nikki Starr’s Adventures in Intimacy playshop over the weekend. My partner and I attended as a couple, but many singles, male and female were in attendance, as well as another couple or 2. I highly recomend it for anyone; female/male, couple/single etc..., whether you feel you have a good grasp of intimacy or you have much work to do in this area. The experience moved well, enviroment was very comforting, and allowed us to open up in many ways. Definitely worth exploring alone, in a relationship, or with a friend. I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience such a magical meditation in connection.
— Justin
Your workshop was powerful. It was yet another reminder for me that intimacy is home and all that “other stuff” is foreign. I felt safe, invigorated, nourished and loved. Thank you for creating a safe space for deep expression and connection!
— Jamie
Leah’s and Nikki’s Playshop provided a safe container to explore deep, spiritual intimacy and non-sexual knowing in the company of strangers, whether participating as a couple or a single. Exercises were geared towards being bodily present in the moment with no regard to gender or orientation, allowing giving and receiving on a human level rarely touched upon by spiritual workshops. Whether you are intimately familiar with the concept of embodiment or yearning to experience it, you will serve yourself well by allowing Leah and Nikki to safely guide you along.
— Edward
Truly a magical, juicy and satisfying experience. Nikki and Leah skillfully make exploring your edges a smooth and transformational ride.
— Ivy Joeva
Such an amazing workshop. Highly recommended for couple and singles. We learned a few new practices we will be using at home for sure! 🏻 also connected with a handful of beautiful souls and made fantastic connections that will last outside of the class.
— Brandon Fuller
Nikki and Leah have created a ‘playshop’ space to explore deep and sometimes uncomfortable levels of intimacy, connection and love that most of us only scratch the surface of in our daily lives and relationships. I found myself gently nudged out of my comfort-zone and experienced a profound learning that aloud me to let down my guard and really open with other human beings. Because they are also so involved in the practices, the experience and learning that takes place is meaningful in ways that stay with you as you head out into your world.
— Bob
What a lovely experience to be a part of
Was really soul and eye opening
Greatly appreciated
— Nathan
“Humans at their basic levels are intimate. This adventure allows humans to retreat through life’s distractions to a basic level of senses, renewing their sense of intimacy.”
— Michael

We are all human. We all ache to connect; to be seen--and yet, we are the first to put up barriers between ourselves and others. So we hide in our cocoons suffering, aching, hiding. And yet, still pining for the same things. In this safe space, we got to abandon those barriers with people committed to give and receive fully and lovingly. Abandoning layer after layer, receiving the love we deserve, and giving the gift of our love that we are so eager to share. We watched it multiply. Amplify. Explode. Release. Dance. Smile. Cry. Laugh. Be--In the arms of each other. It's where we belong, but have forgotten. And we think it's conditional, but it isn't. We think it should come from someone in particular--it doesn't. It comes from ourselves. Everyone. Like magnets that don't discriminate between shape and color, they just connect. This experience made normal the state of spirit, and made strange the disassociation we see often as we walk past strangers. It is rare, and a gift, and something worth cultivating.  The magic of love and intimacy is potent. It leaves a delicious taste in my mouth; a delicious feel in my body. I want to spread it like butter across the earth. 

I am a mother of 3 kids, a 7 year old autistic son, 5 year old daughter, nearly 2 year old little guy. It is so important that I take some time out of my seemingly never-ending identity as a mother and connect with everything else about me that makes me, me... And come alive. And bring that essence; joy back to my family, friends, and even hold on to some of it for myself. Get a sitter. It's so worth it. 

I am also going through divorce and for real dating for the first time after 12 years. The first thing I realized in my attempt to heal after divorce is: I come first. And how does that look? I am th best mother, lover, sister, bff, and goddess for myself. So be that. Nurture that. Depend on that. Depend on me.  I am resilient and powerful and it is an honor to have me in my life. Next, only spend my love and energy on nurturing relationships and situations. Third, get comfortable again with sharing myself with another. It's ok to. It's safe to. It's beautiful to. Therefrom, many amazing things have cultivated in my life. This intimacy "play" shop was a perfect venue for me to continue and encourage this healing process.  Not just expand in new ways, but to put my beliefs and feelings into practice... To actually have the opportunity to let go with others; give myself permission to be me. Totally. And see what that looks like. 

As an artist and a healer, watching everyone else unfold and express during this play time was BEAUTIFUL. To see others staring lovingly into another's eyes... To see people cry, Laugh, dance, explore, grow... I felt like what God or Source must feel when gazing upon humans living in their love. It is... Explosive. I never want to look away, and yet, as I did, there was more to see and take in and feel. His whole night was gift after gift after gift. Beautifully orchestrated.  Essential for where we are as people... Everyone needs this healing, perspective, and love.

~Nikki Elias

This testimony comes a week after the Adventures In Intimacy Workshop. Over a year ago I had attended a Goddess Circle with Dr. Nikki. I remember the eye contact exercise causing me to be triggered, at which point I started sobbing. The feelings of emotions from an abusive childhood were overwhelming. I had been working in the human service filed for 12 years, yet I could not look at myself for who I was, let alone appreciate or love myself. Dr. Nikki was very understanding and allowed me to rest while the other Goddesses participated.I knew at that moment I needed to truly open my eyes, not to see others, but to see myself, flaws and all.

After taking Dr. Nikki’s Initiation Course to help with this process, I began to feel confident, strong, and aware of my flaws. At the Adventures In Intimacy Workshop I was able to look in the eyes of three other strangers and smile. I felt a wave of empathy and love being sent from my being, outward. The three strangers I saw as having been hurt, lost, and sad. I saw tears falling. I also knew the things that I saw in them, was also a refection of my own soul. When we learn to love ourselves for all our vulnerabilities, past mistakes, flaws, and imperfections, it is than that we can open our eyes and truly see into another persons soul and heart. I can listen without hearing words. I can hug and feel a connection. I can give love, but most importantly I can receive love. This is a beautiful gift.
— Faith