Life Coaching – Personalized Monthly Programs

Life Coaching – Personalized Monthly Programs

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Life coaching is beyond therapy. Instead of just talking about challenging situations in life, you're given empowering practices, tools and information to overcome them. You become inspired to transform your life.

Life coaching with Dr. Nikki Starr is designed to optimize your mind, body, sprit and happiness in order to create and live a life you love.

Monthly personalized programs include:

  • Weekly online coaching sessions or biweekly two hour online sessions
  • A plan designed specifically for you based on intake form and intro session. 
  • Content between sessions for life reflection and planning
  • Support to understand and heal challenging aspects of your past or current life
  • Guidance to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • Empowering practices to add to your daily routine
  • Text and email contact with Dr. Nikki Starr throughout the program

*Minimum of 3 months to begin.

To schedule your intro session, email


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