Spring Cleaning Series – Online Program for Your Body, Mind, Soul and Life. Begins March 21.

Spring Cleaning Series – Online Program for Your Body, Mind, Soul and Life. Begins March 21.


This 4 week online program is the exact spring cleaning you need!
Organize, declutter, find clarity AND create the space to plant the seeds of your heart's desires. 

The Spring Cleaning Series includes:

  • 4 weekly online video meetings (all recorded if you need to miss any)
  • Weekly curated and posted course content
  • Online classroom with discussion
  • AND personal session with me!

Begins on Equinox, March 21st–an especially powerful day for our continued growth and self development. Continues every Wednesday thereafter with our final group online session April 11th. 5:30-7:00PM Pacific / 8:30-10:00PM Eastern 

Contact me at NikkiStarr@DrNikkiStarr.com with any questions. Register today!

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This Spring Cleaning Series is a celebration that honors Equinox.
Create the space to welcome in more light.
Plant the seeds for all you wish to create.


Week 1: Body – Cleanse + Prepare Your Vessel

  • 4 Week Cleansing Regimen
  • Food recommendations
  • Fasting Protocol
  • Detox Plan
  • Energizing Tips


Week 2: Life – Declutter + Create Space for Your Desires

  • Cleaning Protocols
  • Cleansing Rituals
  • Declutter + Organize
  • Feng Shui Tips
  • Altar + Sacred Space Tips


Week 3: Mind – Get Clear + Visioning

  • Reflections + Journaling
  • Break Through Limiting Patterns
  • Meditations for Clarity and Manifestation
  • Transform Your Perceptions, Thoughts and Language


Week 4: Soul – Let Go + Let Come

  • Releasing Rituals
  • Creation Rituals
  • Turn Dreams into Reality
  • A Celebration of Life
  • Planting Seeds with Goals and Actions Steps


Personal Online Session With Me

  • Guidance and Coaching
  • Review of your Goals and Action Steps
  • Personal Program and Additions Specifically for you!


Spring Cleaning Series
4 Week Online Program for Your Body, Mind, Soul and Life
Wednesday Evenings, March 21 - April 11, 2018. 
5:30-7PM Pacific / 8:30-10PM Eastern

Registration open. Sign up today!
Questions? Contact me at NikkiStarr@DrNikkiStarr.com