Treehouse Weekend Retreat in Collaboration with Damanhur. Pine Mountain Club, CA. September 29-October 1, 2017.

Treehouse Weekend Retreat in Collaboration with Damanhur. Pine Mountain Club, CA. September 29-October 1, 2017.

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The quality of our relationships and life is reflected in our ability to communicate with openness, clarity and love. This fun weekend retreat is all about enhancing our communication skills with ourselves, others, plants and the world around us.

Join Nikki Starr and Zigola Pioppo from Damanhur Community for this collaborative retreat in Nature as we amplify our abilities to listen and perceive at the subtle level. More info below. 

Space is limited. Reserve your spot today! All accommodation is shared room. Register as a couple or with a friend and share a queen bed to receive $100 off each. 

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Who: Nikki Starr + Zigola Pioppo of Damanhur University
What: Treehouse Weekend Retreat, includes Damanhur University Course: Communication with the Plant World
Where: Pine Mountain Club, California. (Address emailed to those who register).
When: September 29-October 1st or 2nd. Arrival Friday 5PM. Option to depart Sunday evening after dinner and closing dynamic about 8PM or stay overnight Sunday and depart Monday morning by 10AM. 
Why: Because the more we enhance our abilities to listen and communicate, the more our lives enhance! 
How: Reserve via this site, Venmo, PayPal or Chase Quickpay. All food, activities, Damanhur University Course: Communication with the Plant World and accommodations included in price. All accommodation is in shared rooms. $999 for single bed option. Receive $100 off when you register with a friend or partner and share a bed! 


The Retreat Program

This is a collaborative retreat between Nikki Starr and Zigola Pioppo of Damanhur University.

Half of the retreat program is dedicated to the Damanhur University Course: Communication with the Plant World, guided by Zigola. This course covers aspects of:

  • how to perceive the vital rhythm of plants and enter into dialogue with them. 
  • communication in various ways: through art and music, by dreaming with trees, and by communicating with plants up close and at a distance.
  • making an in-depth connection with trees through and beyond the five senses
  • learning a series of exercises, including Metratura, that help to expand one's perception of the five physical senses in order to connect with trees.
  • communicating with trees and plants both "in person" and across vast distances via a surrogate.

More info on the course:

The other half of the retreat program will include daily guided yoga, meditation, group energy healing and group dynamics to enhance your connection with ourselves, others and the world around us. 

Mealtime and sleep time are also an intentional part of the retreat program where you will be guided in various ways to enhance your experience of these times with your fellow retreaters! 




Friday, September 29

5PM Arrival
6PM Restorative Yoga + Opening Meditation
7PM Group Introductions, Dynamics + Welcome
8PM Dinner (All meals prepared by the talented Chef Evan Rilling, see details below)
9PM Connection + Preparation for Dreamtime
10PM Bedtime

Saturday + Sunday

7AM Yoga + Meditation
9AM Breakfast
10AM-1PM Communication w the Plant World
1PM Lunch
2PM Personal Time
3-6PM Communication w the Plant World
6PM Dinner
7PM Personal Time*
8PM Group Dynamics
10PM Bedtime

*On Sunday, closing activities will begin after dinner to complete retreat by approximately 8PM. Option to stay overnight Sunday and depart Monday morning by 10AM the latest. 
Please Note: Itinerary subject to change to best fit the group's needs. 

A Delicious Plant Based Food Experience

Meal time is an opportunity to celebrate plants, our bodies and each other.


We are so happy Evan Rilling will be joining us as the chef for this retreat.  He has been working as a professional retreat and personal chef for the last 10 years. Evan has a deep connection with plants and works with their energies to create amazing healing food.  He believes food is a fabric that connects community.  For this retreat, he will be using ingredients from local farms and the gardens of his friends and family.  Evan will also share some simple ways to create a deeper connection with plant kingdom through cooking and eating. All meals are gluten free, vegan friendly, and supercharged with the medicine of plants. 



More About Your Retreat Guides


We met over a year ago in Damanhur Community and have since been very close friends. This retreat was birthed from our inspiration to co-create together and share our deep love for Nature and trees with you! We are so excited to spend this special time with you. We promise a fun weekend full of self-discovery.

More about Zigola Pioppo: In English my name is translated Bunting Cottonwood Tree. I've lived in Damanhur Community since March 2012. I’ve been educated both in technical and social science, as well as in art and music.

I began my study and practice of contacting the plant world since I arrived to Damanhur. For several years now, I live in a sacred forest temple where I do research with the plants using sound, music, and technology.
Apart from teaching this course at Damanhur University, I am director of a choir and I have an audio studio together with my partner. I am also a ritual singer and spiritual researcher. I also organize artistic activities for children in the woods, inspiring them to keep their natural ability to contact the trees alive.

Contact me at with any questions.
We look forward to sharing this weekend with you!