Cleansing - Guided Meditation

Cleansing - Guided Meditation


This Cleansing meditation serves to cleanse your energy field of all that is not serving, all that is not yours so that you can feel lighter and feel good in your own vibrant energy.

Just like brushing your teeth daily, it is important to clean your energy field everyday or else other energies picked up from outside, busy places and other people can remain attached to you. These extra energies can affect your mood, feelings and emotions so it is best to practice energetic hygiene for optimal health and well being.

This meditation is best done at the end of your day just before arriving home in your car or right when you get home, as well as when you feel off or a heaviness in your energy field. This meditation cleanses other people’s energy from you so is great to do after an intense conversation with someone, especially if you feel energy drained. Also, if you were in an environment with less than optimal energy use this meditation to clear the energy from you.

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Dr. Nikki Starr Noce, M.D. is a medical doctor turned transformational life coach, spiritual guide and energy healer. She offers transformational and healing programs, sessions, workshops and classes that support people in awakening and reaching their greatest potential. To learn more visit

Weston Brown: I’m a musician and composer of healing meditation music. I make relaxation music, which reflects nature and combines ambient textures with keyboards, strings, and other ethnic sounds. I also know how to create a variety of different genres of instrumental music for film. My music can be described as “relaxing piano and ambient music that will take the listener into a state of bliss.”

I studied music composition at the University of Arizona and studied film music at UCLA. I have my Bachelor’s of Music from the University of Arizona and a film-scoring certificate from UCLA Extension. Studying music at these schools has given me the creativity and knowledge needed to make music in a wide variety of genres. I am also able to make and record music from the comfort of my own home.

I sincerely hope that my healing and meditation music can bring peace and relaxation into your life. You can listen to my music at my website here: