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Hi! I'm happy You're Here!

I'm Nikki Starr.

A Medical Doctor turned Transformational Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Conscious Living Influencer. I'm also a Meditation and Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer, Speaker, Writer and Entrepreneur...

I went through medical school to realize the ultimate prescription for a healthy, happy life is self care, love and food as medicine.

After traveling the world and appearing on the FOX television show Utopia, I became passionate about awakening more love and consciousness on the planet. As a healer and coach, I'm dedicated to supporting you to revolutionize your life, enhance your relationships and live a life you love!


We deserve to be happy, feel great and love life.


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With a foundation in Western Medicine and the use energy healing, my approach is both practical and spiritual.  

By targeting the mind, body and spirit, we heal the past, present and future for life-changing, lasting results. 

With degrees in Medicine, Psychology and Nutrition, as well as Yoga, Reiki Healing and Pranotherapy certifications, my work includes a blend of healing modalities, including:


Transformational Life Coaching

Support and inspiration

Create a Life You Love


Mental Health Counseling

Find Your Happiness Now

Shift to a Positive Perspective

Nutrition + Health Consulting

Optimize Your Body

Feel Energized and Radiant

Spiritual Guidance + Energy Healing

Heal Your Past and Future

Nourish Yourself

Wellness + Conscious Living

Optimize Your Environment

Enhance All of Your Relationships

Meditation + Yoga

Clarity. Focus. PResence

Promotes Peace of Mind



I believe in you.

You were born to shine.

Together, we create a plan that empowers you.



A session with Dr. Nikki is pure magic. I learned more about myself and the universe in one hour than what I thought was possible in an entire lifetime. If you’re open to a permanent, life changing experience, work with Dr. Nikki and spread your wings. She is powerful. It’s kind of surreal.
— Taylor
Dr. Nikki, so many life changes because of your program. I changed the way I eat, the way I love, and who is in my life. I have moved, learned to speak from the heart, and to focus on my true self.

People around me see the changes I have made and ask me what I have done different. All the years of working in behavioral health never prepared me for what your program did. It helped me to change multiple things at once.

I absolutely LOVE you, you have changed my life, my health, my love, the way I live, and the way I give. I have recommended your program to so many people! I already have people wanting to sign up!
— Faith
Dr. Nikki’s Guided Illumination workshop was an incredible experience. I was crying within the first few minutes! I especially loved the future visualization meditation; it shed so much light into my heart’s deepest desires. I left with a greater understanding of what I want in my life.
— Atthena

Ready to live a life you love?

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