Dr. Nikki is an inspiration. She is awe inspiring in how she has found her path and is following it regardless of any obstacles she may face. The personal retreat day I had with Dr. Nikki has inspired me to seek and continue on my spiritual path no matter what the obstacles. The energy that surrounds Dr. Nikki and that she abundantly shares with you fills you with a sense of love, positivity and hopefulness. She took the time and effort to get to know me, what I wanted/needed, and planned a whole day around that and me. Dr. Nikki showed a consistent flow of positive energy, even when I didn’t. She taught as well as shared everything I needed to hear to help me heal and grow. The whole day was nothing short of amazing! I can’t wait to work with Dr. Nikki again! If ever you have the chance to meet Dr. Nikki, take a class or work with her in any capacity - it will definitely be worth it. It has been a profound experience and shift for me. She restored my heart and my spirit. I cannot express my thanks deeply enough. I cannot wait to see Dr. Nikki again in her Reiki/Yoga retreat!
— Erin
Diving into the retreat was one of the most meaningful, life changing decisions I have experienced. I didn’t know what to expect so the groundwork and exercises that you had us do helped me so much! I was able to get clear with my intentions and sometimes that’s the hardest part. I learned so much from the meditations and was totally swept away at how peaceful each one made me feel. The meditations and it’s affects have stayed with me even in New York. I was inspired to deepen and continue my practice back at home. I was also inspired by the amazing yoga we did!!! It was challenging and I felt so great afterwards! The yoga was one of the favorite parts. It put my mind at ease and made me feel so strong! I loved being in the Nucleo and meeting everyone. Dr. Nikki- is such a fun, loving, funny, caring, nurturing teacher!!! I felt really comfortable at all times and love how real she was! It’s like you go on this spiritual life journey for the time you’re there and you lose all concept of time and space. She chose the most amazing places in nature to do our meditations and exercises which made it all the more magical!!! I am grateful to have chosen such a wonderful mentor to guide me on my spiritual journey. Dr. Nikki is like the sister you always wanted! You feel so protected and guided, it was incredible to feel in only 7 days.
— Maria
Instagram Testimonial for Dr. Nikki Starr by Maria C. who attended Damanhur Spritual Retreat

Instagram Testimonial for Dr. Nikki Starr by Maria C. who attended Damanhur Spritual Retreat

“Dr. Nikki, so many life changes because of your Initiation Program. I changed the way I eat, the way I love, and who is in my life. I have moved, learned to speak from the heart, and to focus on my true self.

I have learned to speak from my heart, to find and allow love in as I attract it through my energy. I have learned to feed my body organic whole foods to provide me with energy while balancing my weight for the first time in years. I have developed some very close friendships and feel surrounded by love.

People around me see the changes I have made and ask me what I have done different. All the years of working in behavioral health never prepared me for what your program did. It helped me to change multiple things at once. All my intentions have come true.

I absolutely LOVE you, you have changed my life, my health, my love, the way I live, and the way I give. I have recommended this class to so many people! I already have people wanting to sign up!”
— Faith
A session with Dr. Nikki is pure magic. I learned more about myself and the universe in one hour than what I thought was possible in an entire lifetime. If you’re open to a permanent, life changing experience, work with Dr. Nikki and spread your wings. She is powerful. It’s kind of surreal.
— Taylor, Musician
Dear Dr. Nikki, I just wanted to take the time and let you know how much I appreciate you! You are the kindest and most beautiful person inside and out that I have ever met. You taught me more than you’ll ever know. You’re an angel.
— Summer, Graduate Student
I attended Dr. Nikki’s salt room event and it was a magical experience! I’d never been to a salt room before and didn’t know what to expect and I was so happy I decided to go. Dr. Nikki performed energy healing and the salt aided in this healing. It was very relaxing and a nice way to be removed from the hustle and bustle of life and focus on myself. I left the event feeling lighter and more relaxed. I will definitely be doing that again.

Any event with Dr. Nikki is sure to be an amazing one, filled with love and life. Whenever Dr. Nikki is in New York I sign up for an event because they are wonderful and so fulfilling. Thank you Dr. Nikki!! Thank you so much for always being available and open and so loving, it makes all the difference in the world! You are such a kind soul.
— Kristine
Being in Dr. Nikki’s presence automatically puts me into a calm and relaxed state of mind. The guided meditation in combination with the salt did wonders lowering my stress level and helping me ground and center. I’ll be back for the next one.
— Marina
Wow, Thank you for the salt room experience. I honestly feel like i died and came back to life. I feel like a new person but like myself. Super powerful thank you.
— Stephalie
This Initiation Course™ with Dr. Nikki was amazing.

The course exceeded my expectations. With yoga, meditation, healthier food work sheet, and inspirational real face time sessions with Dr. Nikki and others who were taking the course, it changed my life for the better. I have had years of therapy and counselors, this course helped me move on from a painful dark place. And made me more aware of a healthier, happier and now thinner me.

Listening to Nikki speak, and her contagious laughter, she not only made you feel informed and confident, she made you feel there was nothing I couldn’t do. I also liked how the worksheets helped me look deep inside of me to be able to unravel and define what was causing me to be in such a negative place.

YES! I would recommend The Initiation Course™. It help me move past all my pain that was also affecting my health. This was something I had not been able to do for over 10 yrs and many therapists.

P.S. I finally got a new job...
— Soni
I just wanted to thank you again for those classes. You are such an inspiration and I felt like you came as a blessing in disguise to me at a much needed time. You really helped me realize not to let this disease conquer me and that I can get better physically and mentally. I felt like myself again during the classes, like nothing could stop me. You inspire me to become my true self and Gia and I said how much love and optimism we felt from you. You are a very kind soul and I am so happy to have met you !
— Cristen
"Nikki is a brilliantly dynamic and connected soul. Her presence gives you a sense of comfort, care, warmth and deep compassion. You feel her heart connect to yours as a sense of pure love comes over you. She projects a commitment to truth and connection which helps to ignite that commitment in yourself. In this space insights come through clearly and in inspiration. She acts as this perfect blend of grounded Intuitive wisdom and brilliant butterfly airiness. Nikki is a brilliant anchor and beacon of light to help you on your journey; beautifully delivering you insights of her own while encouraging the sourcing of your  clarity. Thank you for your continued commitment to my growth, my journey and my path. You are a gem." 

–Krisztina, Body Worker, Mother & Healer

Andrew, Insurance Advisor, Vancouver

Maria, Psychotherapist, NYC

Getting away and having a moment to breathe and forget about the everyday was exactly what I needed to clear my mind and get inspired. This was my second retreat with Dr. Nikki. She is a great teacher, she really practices what she teaches. She is kind, warm hearted and really cares about everyone on the retreat. It’s a beautiful experience to share and connect with others.

The retreat taught me how to be focused in my mind, how to eat healthy meals, and improved my yoga abilities. This retreat put me back on track and focused to live a healthier life. Dr Nikki inspired me to live a healthy lifestyle and to lead by example. It was an overall outstanding experience on all levels.
— Vito G.
I will remember tulum for years to come, and wanted to take the time to say thank you again. I have much to reflect upon and put into practice, and like I told Serrina, I feel like I will hear your guiding voice in my head when trying to make tough decisions
— Kayla W.
Dr. Nikki’s retreats are about transformation, so be ready for things to move. They did for me! This was the first retreat I have ever been on where the host takes the journey with you, and that is what makes Dr. Nikki different. She joins your transformation with her own. Everyone’s energy is moving and you can’t help but feel the love and vulnerability. It will be unlike any other retreat you can experience.
— Jeffrey, 58, Founder of Nutripy

Yesim, Professor at Emory University, Atlanta

Cherish, Songwriter, Los Angeles

I attended Dr. Nikki’s Spirit Retreat in Tulum this November and had a profound Rejuvenation and Peacefulness experience.
I been practicing yoga for the past 2 years and was looking to go back to my regular ashtanga practice by attending a retreat that will motivate me and inspire me after a very difficult year in my life. Thankfully, Nikki not only lived up to but surpassed expectations in every way. There were 4 additional people in my group and I can honestly say everyone expressed the deepest gratitude for having landed there.
Nikki is one of the most inspiring people I met in my life, she is truly a beautiful soul! You can really sense the amazing energy that surrounds her, you can see the light in her eyes and how genuine she is and passionate about what she does.

This retreat allowed me to open to spaces in me I didn’t know existed and I was able to regain my inner power and light that I lost this year. This retreat is a place where everyone is not only welcome but encouraged to come with all of who they are and Nikki was really amazing at providing us with unconditional love, joy and growth opportunity.

Nikki combined the spiritual practice with practical, offering tools through the union of mind, body, spirit and heart to become a better person in this world thwarts yourself and others.
Nikki is very knowledgeable when it comes to yoga practice, nutrition and healthy lifestyle and she is spreading that knowledge in the world with so much love. I left the week inspired, uplifted and ready to conquer the world and make it a better place! Thank you for your teaching, exercises of the mind, challenging yoga poses and inspiration for me to keep on studying about the wonderful world of yoga, spirituality and mind and body connection!
— Liz Lvovski

Jen C., 28, Finance

I attended Dr. Nikki's mind, body and spirit retreat in Ojai and I was just blown away by the experience that Dr. Nikki provided for us. She is really passionate about what she does and genuinely wants to help people live healthier more fulfilling lives. She provides a safe space where you could come and be yourself without any judgment.  It doesn't matter what your age is, physical ability, background, If you are shy or very social. She accepts and loves everyone for who they are and makes them feel comfortable. She goes above and beyond to provide the best overall experience for her clients.  The Ojai Foundation where most of the retreat took place was absolutely beautiful. It was there where I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets and had some great experiences that had an immediate effect on my life. On the last day Dr. Nikki took us to another beautiful location where I continued to connect with nature and with other people. It was hard to leave. After those three days I felt reborn and re-energized. I'm grateful that there is someone out there like Dr. Nikki. I highly, highly recommend everyone to attend one of her retreats so that they could experience what I experienced.   –Javier, 35
Dear Dr Nikki,

The three days at the Ojai Foundation were exactly what I needed. I thank you and my fellow retreatants for the deep sharing and support we gave each other as we processed some very important and vulnerable inner stuff! I come away peaceful and yet very focused and purposeful on changing my life to one of self meaning and growth. I see the way forward clearly. And those that I thought might want to block such change are instead encouraging me and congratulating me on taking this time away to heal and refocus.

I have experienced healing. I am peaceful my body now craves the movement and challenge of yoga. I hunger to mediate in the morning. I so enjoyed the wonderful wholesome healthy and delicious food we were served at the retreat and the fun in sharing in the preparing of a couple of those meals that I am committed to changing the foods that go in my mouth.

There were symptoms of changes in health that were concerning me and while I will connect with my doctor ASAP, I noticed the reversal of those symptoms just from the change in lifestyle. I am committed to caring for my body mind and soul to heal myself and grow beyond the absence of illness to true vitality! I am going to feed myself, move myself, and go inside to see myself!

Thank you Dr. Nikki, this retreat was wonderful and I would love to join a future retreat.
— Brian, 60, Occupational Therapist
Thank you very much for your insight and great suggestions. I appreciate your help immensely. I especially appreciate you and your genuine quest to heal. You truly are an amazing woman and human being. I very much appreciate meeting you as you’ve touched me in the few hours I spent with you.
I will heed your advice and look forward to seeing you again.
— Sylvia

Jason R., 27, Salesman

This was a much needed get-away!
The surroundings were amazing. The Ojai Foundation is a very beautiful place.
The food was all organic, healthy and plant-based and was very good and a nice change for me. I enjoyed very much all the activities, yoga, art projects and I loved, loved the sharing circle with the cards. They were inspiring for me. Sharing space with each other individually, and recognizing the beauty and gifts of the other, while receiving positivity and celebrating our own unique gifts! Who knew I was such a funny girl! Thanks!Keep up your excellent and inspiring work Dr. Nikki!  –Diane, 61
“Dr. Nikki Starr truly is a love ambassador! In the Adventures In Intimacy workshop I had an exhilarating and blissful evening connecting with my new friends as we turned on each others’ oxytocin systems at full blast. I learned a lot about myself and others as we ventured into new territory of acceptance, belonging, creativity, and fun. Nikki is a beautiful inspiration and a skillful guide.”
— Martin S.
I have been reading your blog and I have to say it has helped a lot. I have lost 45 lbs in 4 months! Thank you!
— Christie
Dear Dr. Nikki,

I attended your Yoga and Meditation workshop at Revolution Yoga today and loved every minute of it!! Your voice is so soothing and you were easy to follow during both the meditation and yoga sessions. You are a great teacher and immediately made me feel comfortable. I loved how you incorporated and spoke about the chakras during the yoga session.
I left feeling so relaxed and in a blissful state. It shows you love what you do and encourage your students to love yoga as well. I can’t wait to attend another one of your workshops! I hope you’ll be in New York again soon!

Thank you again
— Kristine Lopez
The workshop with Dr. Nikki Noce was amazing. Most of my aches and pains have disappeared. My energy level is up. I am experiencing a sense of overall well being. All this from a one-day workshop. I can’t wait to see what will happen to me after her next workshop. Dr. Nikki, in my opinion, will become one of the most influential doctors in the field of healing. She has already made a positive difference in my life.
— Mathew, Personal Trainer
Hi Nikki,

I just wanted to say thank you again for being a part of the event last weekend. You are a beautiful person inside and out and your talk was incredible.

I listen to a lot of talks and most people aren’t very good speakers, but the things you said felt like they were coming from a really deep place...like collective unconscious kind of deep.

I feel so blessed to have been connected to you in the final moments of putting everything together, definitely meant to happen.

You rock sista!
— Jeff Bausemer, Creator of East Meets West Medicine Fest
I admit that I was once a Utopia(on Fox) livestream watcher. While watching I saw a kindred spirit in Nikki. I was bummed when I didn’t get a chance to head up to the Utopia land before the show was canceled. She mentioned that she would continue Goddess Circle after Utopia ended. I am so pleased that I reached out via social media.

As a seasoned circle facilitator, I am grateful for the space Nikki’s circle has offered me to relax and grow in a nurturing circle. It has been a long search to find a women’s circle I could be a participant in, not lead. I trust her to guide the journey.

Nikki creates a warm, loving, inspiring and self affirming space for women to connect and support eachother on our journeys. Thank you! Thank you!

Sister in Spirit,
— Tatyanna M. Wilkinson
After being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, I decided to surround myself with like-minded individuals who shared my passion for healing. I instantly connected with Dr. Nikki and Bhavani. Their joy, laugher and love of community brought together by sustainable local organic food was infectious. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day deepening my yoga practice, meditating and preparing an amazing farm-to-table meal to share with new friends. I can't wait to do it again!
–Jillian Burne, CHC NTC FDN author of Hashimoto's & You Cookbook
"Dr. Nikki's Farm-to-Table Retreat was amazing and so relaxing. It was so great to get out of the city and meditate and eat from the land. I was so impressed by the energy of the people I met. I left feeling energized and inspired! I highly recommend!"
–Courtney Spritzer, 29, Co-Founder of SocialFly

As we explore our passions in life, be it running or weightlifting or poetry or music, we naturally get to a point of plateau. Our approach, even though it got us to as specific proficiency, no longer provides a means of progression. I hit that point with distance running. I was racing over eighteen marathons each year and adhered to a strict daily running regime on non-race days. The literature available made the simple point that to become a better runner, one must run more. 

Frustrated and perpetually fatigued, I explored a different approach. A friend had suggested that I look into yoga; that it would help balance the specific muscle-group focus of running. Somewhat skeptical, I researched yoga instruction online. I came across Dr. Nikki Noce and was immediately impressed by her unique understanding of the needs of the endurance athlete. She tailored her instruction to encourage stretching and strength building, particularly of muscles generally not effected by daily running. She also provided pre- and post-race stretches, helping my body better adapt to the unique stresses of a 100 miles per week running regimen. 

The results were amazing. Upon integrating yoga with running, I have started to experience incredible gains. I beat my marathon PR by over 10 minutes, was able to run two, 100 mile ultra-marathons in a single month and won, overall, my first 100k ultra-marathon. Dr. Nikki’s unique ability to customize yoga to address an individual’s needs is nothing short of remarkable. If you have reached the limits of your goal or are looking to define a new one, I highly recommend reaching out to Dr. Nikki. 

–Matthew Maday, Ultra Runner IG @dreamsBeyondReality

Dr Nikki’s lessons are a soothing blend of the dymanic mental, physical and spiritual aspects of a yoga practice than engages the entire person. The classes are engulfed by positive ethos, fostering a sense of well-being and tranquility. I would wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend her to students at every level.
— Alex, Lawyer
Dr Nikki, you inspire me. You are someone who both exudes and attracts such positive energy. You have a beautiful spirit and it shines.
— Ada, Financial Advisor
I am so thankful for you and your light that shines so bright! It is truly an honor to know you Dr. Nikki.
— Vivian, Healer
My husband and I could not be happier to have been introduced to yoga through Dr Nikki. Sessions with Nikki are fun yet challenging, and we especially appreciate her attention to detail when it comes to adjusting the body precisely for each pose. She is so knowledgeable - not only about yoga but also about holistic health- and it’s ultimately inspiring to practice under her guidance. Neither my husband nor I had ever taken a yoga class before meeting with Nikki for privates, but we have instantly become hooked. Simply put, Nikki is the best!
— Aliza, Artist
Dr Nikki –
You are awesome! I had never done Yoga before and after one of your sessions, I loved it! Thanks for being so patient and understanding of my beginner level. I would totally recommend you to anyone. Your positive energy and outlook on life is inspiring. I look forward to creating a healthier lifestyle from your coaching.
— Mike, VP in Finance
Yoga with Dr. Nikki on the beach during sunset was pretty magical. I’m a rookie, so it was nice to have such a great, personal instruction, and I can’t imagine a better experience elsewhere. A++
— Brandon
Thank you Dr. Nikki! I had an amazing experience. I went in with a completely open mind and really enjoyed taking time to breath and meditate! Looking forward to more yoga!
— Laura, Medical Doctor
Dr Nikki—you are a very positive and happy person and I am always around stressed out people who are not so happy so my time with you is one of the best parts of my day—you are also the right kind of teacher for me, which is encouraging rather than scolding!
— Jim, Lawyer

From Nikki Starr's Appearance on Utopia...

Dr. Nikki,

I just wanted to tell you that since you were on Utopia. I started your classes, reading your posts, watching your videos and your sample meditation starter. I lost 76 pounds in a year and a half and I am healthier and happier than I have ever been in my life.

I thought my life was over after the PE’s on both lungs and I was hopless after conventional Land and Aqua therapy. I owe it all to you because you are the one that prompted me to start yoga from being on Utopia. I had amazing results. My body feels so much better. My spondylitis has receded. All my surgeries seem to have gone away and I hardly have anything anymore. My muscles have never been better, my sex life is greatly increased.

I also added a partial vegetarian diet after watching and making ‘recipes’ from your YouTube vids. Especially gluten-free and new ways to add organics to my diet. I cut out all gluten from my diet and I feel lot better.

I’ve had very much stress and now I just don’t feel any stress. I just feel calm and relaxed and happy and I just want to thank you. You have giving me so much hope and inspiration. I can’t thank you enough!
— Bill
No seriously, Utopia really changed my life. I have been sick for about 18 months, (like in bed, depressed and in pain). You inspired me to DO SOMETHING about it. I am eating clean, doing Yoga and feel LOTS better. My goal is a 5K next year. I’m learning alot from you. I’m 67 it may be too late but thanks for all the info. YOU’RE THE GREATEST!
— Connie
I just wanted to tell you that you are a wonderful person. Normally I do not watch tv..but I happen to catch a preview for utopia when my husband was watching something. I started following online and was hooked. You just are amazing. Your beautiful inside and out. Your laugh would make me smile .I watched as people would act up and you stood to yourself.

I try eat non gmo and even have been looking into yoga classes. We are setting up a meditation room in our house hoping to get it done soon. If you ever come north to do retreats please let me know I follow your webpage and hope to make it to nyc to take a class with you.

You’re an inspiration to me. The world need like a million of you. You are amazing !!
— Tamara
You are an inspiration. You are the type of person I aspire to be like. Any time you speak, words that relate to love, empowerment, forgiveness, choices and compassion come out. Always smiling, crying when it comes to happiness and most importantly you remind us to love ourselves and take good care of our bodies, mind, spirits with the help of our mother earth and community.

Dr. Nikki you are awesome and You are a great example.
— Mayra
How’s it going Nikki? First of all I have to tell you how amazing of a person you are. You’re thoughts, perspective on life and healthy living lifestyle I hope spreads. You’ve had a total effect on me and my life even before the television show. I had heard about you thru a friend from New York. I’ve only seen the show twice and you are exactly what Utopia is about.
— Shaun
Dr. Nikki,
You are my favorite on Utopia. Your positive energy and beauty inside and out is my Utopia. I could have told you that being who you are is what makes you needed in Utopia just as in real life. As a Doctor and loving spirit, you are the center of the group. Glad to see you’re still shining and have such positive radiance!
— Christos
Dr. Nikki,
I watched Utopia and became a huge fan of the show. I would just like to say that I love seeing all of your posts and its so nice to see all of your positive in such a negative world. I wanted to just drop you a message to share with you that your positive will spreads and it is appreciated. Thank you so much
— John
Admittedly I’m here because of Utopia I hate that they cancelled the show. You guys kept me company every morning at work. I really enjoyed your morning yoga sessions on the dock as the sun rose. It looked so peaceful and soothing. You have a beautiful soul and I’ll miss your sunshine!
— D.B.
I loved watching you in Utopia! You bring a calm and much-needed stillness.
— Josette
The abrupt ending to the Utopia experiment was a shock, and I’d hoped for this blog from you from that moment. You inspired me, Nikki. One of my favorite snacks is kale sauteed in olive oil and garlic now (no worms yet!). Before I just had it in smoothies. And I began meditating again. I loved your conversations with Ernesto on the dock, your lunch chats with Amanda, and those with others, too.

The Utopia live feeds were mesmerizing. You are so loving and see the good in people. It’s good to see you looking forward, in the real world. I’ll be following your journey. Thanks for being so open in Utopia, and back in the real world, too.
— Anonymous
I know you are probably swamped with messages, but i just thought you should know what a bright light you are in this often dark world.

I am 37, i am not in the best of shape, football really took a toll on me early in life. I am a gun toting, meat eating conservative and i have typically always put my nose up when i heard the word yoga or vegan, etc.. I will admit when i first started watching Utopia, I was pretty judgmental towards you. I thought “Oh boy here we go, another nutbag with her hippy dippy way of life trying to push it on everyone else.” (sorry for that btw) I really thought you were going to be the biggest problem in Utopia, Even though i am right there with you on food. I know that is a huge problem in this country and world, with the GMO, processed, etc.. crap out there.

As the weeks went by and i watched how Aaron treated you and in turn how you treated him, I quickly realized you were not trying to be a pain in the butt, you were doing everything you could to keep the harmony and bend as much as you could. My favorite moment in Utopia and when i fell in love with you, was when you and Red did Yoga. I think by far that was the sweetest thing i saw there. You were so supportive and sweet to him. Your heart just blasted through all of Red’s crazy. I noticed no matter how crazy Red got, you still cared for him and were only trying to help him. I saw this through the whole show. You have such an amazing heart and love for people. I wish we would have been able to see more of that with the show going on..

Anyways i wanted you to know, after seeing that you didn’t have an agenda, you just care. I started looking into Yoga. I found and bought a dvd set by a former WWE Wrestler. I gotta say, after a month i have felt better than I have in years and i am getting in much better shape. I can’t thank you enough for being a the light that you are and caring for people the way you do. You completely opened my eyes and heart to things i would have never been open to.

I hope this message finds you well. Thank you again Doc. Keep being the awesome person you are doing and good luck in all your future endeavors.
— Josh
Dear Dr. Noce,

I was a casual watcher of the Utopia feeds, but I would always try to catch your yoga and would follow along. I am also making dietary changes after watching all the “food fights” on the feeds. Thank you for helping me on my journey to healthy living! I will continue the yoga and meditation I began and it is because of you as the inspiration for the changes.

A thousand thank yous & a thousand hugs.
— Erica
Hey Doc,
I just want to say how much I have enjoyed watching you on Utopia. I hope to meet you some day and give you a hug. You seem like a real classy lady and you radiate peace and Love with every step you take. Missing you much.
— Curtis
What’s up Nikki!
I think you’re doing great on Utopia and I admire your calm spirit and level-headedness through it all. Especially since you didn’t beat yourself up over what other’s saw as lousy or a failure - the one customer for UtopiYOGA. I think you’re setting a great example of class and how we should all carry ourselves so thank you for that
— Marc
I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you do!! ever since the first time i laid eyes on you when Utopia came on, i fell in love with you, from your smile and charisma to the way you look at life is just such an inspiration to me. I love yoga and meditation and everything even more now thanks to you. So thank you for posting something beautiful and positive everyday. I look forward to reading it and smiling. You’re a blessing!
— Chris
Utopia was amazing, several of you taught me so much about my own journey! Nikki your ability to stay centered was a huge accomplishment!
— Jayme
Dear Nikki,

Just a little note to tell you that of all the people you were with for the Utopia experiment you shone out from the rest as level-headed, conscientious, and intelligent. I truly enjoyed watching you interact with grace, even during the more trying moments you kept your cool and spoke with kindness. You are an excellent role model for others and for how we should all interact. Thank you being a source of light and love in the world :)
— Sarah
I saw you for the past two months in Utopia. I watched the live feeds and also watched the TV program. I want to let you know that you and Amanda were my favorites and also Ernesto, Josh, and Hex.

Nikki you are a great person. It’s nice to know that there are people like you in this world. I was very saddened today when I was watching the live feeds and they went to videos. Then I learned the show was cancelled. I know it might sound strange to you but most of us watching feel like we really know all of you since we watch the feeds. I subscribed to your blog and gave my email and I received your guided meditation, thank you. Also thank you for letting us the public, be a part of such a great project.

May God bless you always and I wish you all the success in the world. You are really an angel with a big heart.

Big hug :)
— Lily
I really enjoyed watching you on Utopia sad it is over. Have you ever thought of doing a yoga and meditation video. Watching you gave me inspiration in starting meditation.
— Ramona

Colleague Testimonial...

Recent evidence is accumulating to suggest that the type of lifestyle which Dr. Nikki promotes is the kind that will be necessary for a progressive move in human culture. If we examine her emphasis on wellness and her appreciation of the mind-body connection, there are certain questions that come to mind. Why doesn’t everyone live this way? Why hasn’t this unique kind of health promotion been introduced earlier? It is overwhelmingly apparent that satisfied, meaningful lives take into account factors within and around individuals. Things critical to biological survival such as nutrition, self-care, and fitness are equally important to how one approaches relationships and self-actualization.

The answer is that a sizable portion of the world’s population does live this way. But we don’t really know about it. The spiritual heritage of the East and Southeast Asia has mostly been about wellness, mindfulness, and self-awareness. The root of its continued success throughout history lies in the essence of its values. You see, in the Western world, we mostly think of religion as an individual kind of thing – between God and the person. But Eastern philosophies focus the connection between mind and body and their relation to others and the environment as a whole. These kinds of ideas have only began to make their way to the West and influence our culture in the way that Dr. Nikki is doing.

Modern science and medicine in America has been marked by research on specific diseases. You go to the doctor because he or she “fixes” parts of your body just like a mechanic fixes your car. We don’t go to the doctor when we feel okay or if nothing is bothering us. There would be no reason. But in Buddhist cultures there are sages or healers that people see on a frequent basis for things like advice and contentment. In fact, everyone within the culture is concerned with the well-being of one another in the context of the well-being of the entire population. Concepts like exploitation or profiteering are de-emphasized if not frowned upon. It’s not about the stuff you have or want, but rather about how you can create a meaningful life and contribute your skills and interests for the betterment of everyone. Their value system is progressive and self-improvement is aligned with societal improvement.

Neuroscience has essentially answered the question of mind vs. body. The truth is that the brain is the mind and the mind is the brain. Who we are is the result of electrical and electrochemical signals that occur in the billions of synapses that constitute our brains. This is a very powerful concept, for it means that the way we think about ourselves profoundly affects the brain itself! The brain we had yesterday is different from the brain we will have tomorrow. That doesn’t really happen with the heart, lungs, muscles, etc. So what should we do with this revolutionary information? Well we need leaders such as Dr. Nikki to emerge in the West and educate us about spirituality and health promotion. We need events, activities, and efforts that revolve around wellness. We need re-conceptualize the role of doctors to reflect our new understandings of health. This is what Dr. Nikki is doing.
— Joseph Siragusa, M.D.