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Wellness & Conscious Living Meets Entrepreneurship & Financial Prosperity Workshop

Are you in the wellness industry and want to increase your revenue streams?
Do you love wellness and have been thinking about how to create passive streams of income?
Yoga instructors, personal trainers, coaches and anyone in the healing arts or personal development field can also create passive income streams that earn us money while we sleep.

Everyone deserves to thrive. Spirituality includes financial abundance too!

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In this workshop Dr. Nikki Starr Noce, M.D. and Marc Wachter, J.D. and Founder of Live Ultimate, will share the keys to financial prosperity while living in alignment with your truth and spiritual values. We will be sharing top tips to creating financial abundance and share an entrepreneur opportunity that can increase your income immediately.

This workshop will also share about one of the easiest and most convenient ways to create a new revenue stream.

Marc Wachter is joining us from Miami as Live Ultimate, the highest quality brand of products with uncompromising standards is about to launch on the west coast. Don’t miss this opportunity! 

Live stream will be available for anyone anywhere in the states. 

This event is sponsored by Live Ultimate and free to attend.
RSVP both online and in person is required to

May 9th 7-9PM
404 Grand Blvd - Venice, Los Angeles - Private Residence. Plenty of street parking