True health care is about prevention. Health care does not begin when sickness arises—it begins now. 

Dr. Nikki works with people, both individually and in group sessions via classes, workshops, and retreat settings via a multi-layered approach to health and wellness while inspiring and empowering people to live the healthiest, happiest life possible .

In the most superficial layer Dr. Nikki shares wellness information via blog posts and her weekly newsletter, which you can subscribe to here. 

The next layer is through individual and group sessions for yoga, meditation, nutrition counseling, life coaching, and a hybrid of these to best meet clients needs, both in person and on the web. To dive even deeper on this path, Dr. Nikki created The Initiation Course™a convenient, at home, online transformational tool that offers step-by-step guidance to self-care and optimization of the mind, body, and spirit. 

The deepest layer of Dr. Nikki's work occurs in retreat setting. Retreats provide a sacred space to re-connect with the Self and Nature, away from the distractions of our busy lives. During retreats we remember who we are, what matters most to us, and why we are here. Retreats offer a reset button to return to life renewed, refreshed, and rejuvenated, inspired to live life with more passion and compassion. 

We have the power to heal ourselves and to create the life we always dreamed of. 

Although achieving optimal results requires a holistic approach–mind, body and spirit–beginning where we feel most inspired is just as powerful. Dr. Nikki is currently accepting new clients both in person in Southern California, as well as on the web worldwide. Email DrNikki@DrNikkiNoce.com to schedule your session today. 

Health is wellness and happiness in mind, body, and spirit.