A session with Dr. Nikki is pure magic. I learned more about myself and the universe in one hour than what I thought was possible in an entire lifetime. If you’re open to a permanent, life changing experience, work with Dr. Nikki and spread your wings. She is powerful. It’s kind of surreal.
— Taylor
Dr. Nikki, so many life changes because of your program. I changed the way I eat, the way I love, and who is in my life. I have moved, learned to speak from the heart, and to focus on my true self.

People around me see the changes I have made and ask me what I have done different. All the years of working in behavioral health never prepared me for what your program did. It helped me to change multiple things at once.

I absolutely LOVE you, you have changed my life, my health, my love, the way I live, and the way I give. I have recommended your program to so many people! I already have people wanting to sign up!
— Faith
Dr. Nikki’s Guided Illumination workshop was an incredible experience. I was crying within the first few minutes! I especially loved the future visualization meditation; it shed so much light into my heart’s deepest desires. I left with a greater understanding of what I want in my life.
— Atthena