Spiritual Healer . Life Guide . Yoga, Meditation & Intimacy Instructor . Health, Wellness & Nutrition Expert . Author . Speaker . Love Ambassador

Nikki Starr is committed to love, healing, health and happiness.

As a spiritual healer, life guide and Love Ambassador, Nikki Starr is passionate about awakening the healing power of love in humanity, as well as empowering people to live their dreams. 

Her call to healing began with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Nutrition from New York University. After receiving her Medical Degree from New York University School of Medicine and completing her internship at NYU Medical Center, she realized the greatest medicines are love and self care.  This inspired her to pioneer her own healing path, guided by the heart, to focus on love and "whole-istic wellness as the ultimate prescription.

After traveling the world and awakening to her spiritual path, she discovered her energy healing and channeling abilities. As an Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, Energy Practitioner, Meditation and Intimacy Teacher, certified Yoga Instructor and Nutrition Advisor, Nikki Starr works with clients around the world via personal sessions (both online and in person), worldwide retreats, experiential workshops and the online Initiation Course™. Nikki Starr also facilitates women's circles and is co-creator of the Art of Ritual

In the fall of 2014, Nikki Starr appeared on the Fox Television show Utopia, where they named her #DrLove. With her loving nature, she impacted the lives of millions of people, leading by example with yoga, meditation, healthy eating and compassionate interactions. Nikki Starr believes in media as a platform to awaken consciousness in humanity and continues sharing via blogging, social media and YouTube.

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My Journey. My work. My love for healing. 

Perhaps with a birth name like Nikki Starr, my journey has been written in the stars. It is clear to me that I am here to help awaken consciousness in humanity in order to help create a more loving, harmonious future for our planet. 

Against many odds, struggles, fears and doubts, I am living my dreams. 

Once upon a time I dreamed of becoming a doctor and traveling the world. By the age of 25 I accomplished both. Then I dreamed of becoming a Yoga and Meditation instructor, which I realized soon after. This awakened new dreams of wanting to help millions of people live healthier, happier lives, so I appeared on the FOX television show Utopia about creating a new society. I dreamed of becoming an author, so I published my first e-book–Raw Naked Truths. Then I dreamed of being able to live anywhere in the world doing what I love, so now I host worldwide retreats and workshops, and work with clients via online sessions.

Dreaming never ends. It is the fuel for our journey. Dreaming is living. My work reminds people how to dream and how to manifest these dreams into reality. This work is also about deep healing. I support people in becoming their highest potential Self–reminding them of their power and the unique gifts they have to share with the world. My work inspires people to create a life they love–all beginning with self love.

Though I am a medical doctor, I believe in magic. As I began to spiritually evolve, my natural healing gifts, passed on from my ancestors, began to awaken. My training in medicine, psychology and nutrition evolved to include spirituality and intuitive energy healing. As I discover more of who I am, mystical gifts and healing techniques continue to awaken.  

As an intuitive guide and life enhancement practitioner,  I help others reawaken and remember their magic. 

Healing fosters a happy life. Keeping the mind, body, emotional and energetic bodies radiant is important. Healing prevents dis-ease from manifesting into the physical body. Healing anger, anxiety, depression and fear assists in the curing of current and future disease. Aside from physical illness, many other elements of human suffering can be helped through healing including trauma, dysfunctional relationships, societal conditionings, karmic wounds, doubt, laziness, procrastination, over thinking, pride, codependency, addictions and so on. All of these and more can be ameliorated through healing via personal sessions, workshops and retreats. 

My work is about evolving and transcending the limitations of our being to create a life we love in every moment.  We can absolutely be happy and live our dreams. My work heals at the energetic level, the space where all “dis-ease” begins before it manifests into the physical. My work awakens love, joy and inspiration, which all prevent against "dis-ease." 

I am simply a guide. You are the magician of your reality. I guide you in rediscovering your unique gifts and assist your awakening to your soul's purpose. Together we heal the wounds and create a plan as to how to share your unique gifts with the world. Every experience is channeled and guided specifically for the person or group in that moment. Between sessions there is work to be done. These ritual and self-care tips enhance your body, mind and spirit. As much as you put into this experience is what you will get out of it. We have the power to heal ourselves and play an instrumental role in our personal healing process and in the creation of our future. I am here to support you on your journey–with love.

A happy life is a choice. It begins with healing and awakening even more of your unique magic. 

Ways to Connect with Dr. Nikki Starr:

  • Personal Sessions are conducted online via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout for those anywhere in the world. In person sessions are also available. Sessions are personalized to the individual and include a mixture of Intuitive Life Coaching, Guided Visual Meditations, Energy Healing, Nutrition Guidance, Body Adjustments and Yoga Instruction. Schedule your session here.
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  • The Initiation™ is a three month online, structured program that includes a course with online coaching sessions with Nikki Starr that enhances health and happiness and empowers you to live your dreams. Course content includes guidance in spirituality, self-care and holistic healthy living. The course provides a framework to create a plan and a community for support and accountability as you courageously begin living your dreams. Annually, the course is offered in January in small group settings. Throughout the year the course is offered privately. This is the best value option to work with Dr. Nikki Starr and provides life-changing lasting results. More info and view testimonials here.
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  • Blogs and Books: Dr. Nikki Starr's blog varies in content from spirituality and sharing life adventures to nutrition and health advice. Raw Naked Truths, her first E-book, is a short, sweet, feel-good read available on iTunesAmazon and Smashwords. She is currently working on a second book about love, with many more to come!