The Initiation: 3 Month Coaching Program. Revolutionize Your Life.

The Initiation: 3 Month Coaching Program. Revolutionize Your Life.

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The Initiation Program has enhanced the lives of many people across the country. From accomplishing life goals to healing relationships to helping people through the challenging times. This 3 month coaching program focuses on healing, health and happiness through video content, worksheets and personal coaching sessions with Dr. Nikki Starr to empower and optimize you to live your dreams. The entire experiences is virtual so you can take this course from anywhere in the world.

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The INITIATION™ . Live Your Dreams

This 3 month online coaching program includes online healing sessions with Nikki Starr and a structured course with video content, worksheets and exercises to elevate your happiness, optimize your well being and empower you to live your dreams. 

Health - Healing - Happiness

Since completing Dr. Nikki’s Initiation Course, my life has changed for the better! Each day I am in a happy and upbeat mood ready to take on the day. This course is filled with such rich material, its value is unparalleled. Dr. Nikki made me feel comfortable from the start and I quickly felt more and more comfortable sharing about myself. My favorite part was the one on one Skype sessions with Dr. Nikki. I was able to speak with her about any and everything and get positive, inspiring feedback. She is so easy to talk to and you know while you speak with her you are getting a genuine and honest response. I also loved the module videos, they fully outlined and explained what each week’s session was about and made it fully understandable.
After completing the course, I find myself speaking more clearly and not adding “filler words” into my sentences. I am more and more mindful with each task I begin. I have been eating healthy and being mindful when deciding what I am going to eat. I used to feel no motivation or inspiration to workout at all, after the course I work out every day, whether it be a yoga class or going for a run or walk. I feel fabulous!! I am so happy and grateful that I have decided to begin and complete this course.
Dr. Nikki is a vibrant and brilliant woman! She is so genuine and filled with love, it shows as soon as you speak with her. You can tell that she cares for your well-being and wants you to succeed in the Initiation Course and beyond. I draw inspiration from her and her accomplishes and hold myself to continue this journey I have started. Dr. Nikki encourages you for greatness both during the course and beyond. Thank you, Dr. Nikki, for changing my life for the better and opening my eyes up to so many new possibilities for myself!
— Kristine L.

Follow up from Kristine 2 months post completion of the program:

I’ve been doing well! I just finished a 10k this weekend and it feel so awesome!! I am proud of myself for this accomplishment and now looking to see what’s next, possible a half marathon, definitely a Spartan Race. I’m still trucking along looking for another job, no luck just yet but I’m optimistic something will come soon. I’ve also decided on a studio to begin my yoga teacher training and the studio is awesome!! They will begin their next round of training next year and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve also been involved in that new local medical coding chapter I had told you about a while ago. They’re looking to make me an officer soon, either secretary or treasurer. I am beyond thrilled and excited for this opportunity.
Other than that, everything else is great! I’ve been feeling wonderful and enjoying life.
Talk to you soon.
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Why The Initiation™ Program?

  • Enhance your life
  • Make the changes you've been wanting to make
  • Find clarity about what you actually want in life
  • Feel more at peace
  • Live your happiness now
  • Elevate your energy levels
  • Heal yourself and your relationships
  • Inspiration to create lasting change and healthy habits
  • Guidance in life decisions
  • Support with life goals and challenges
  • Be a part of a community and feel connected
  • Discover ways to live a more conscious life


This program is for you if you: 

  • Are not happy with life
  • Want to improve your health
  • Want to lose weight or feel lighter
  • Want to feel more support with making life decisions
  • Are going through a challenging time or transition in life
  • Are ready for change
  • Feel stuck or confused about life
  • Want to find more clarity and direction
  • Want to feel more inspired
  • Are ready to change
  • Are ready to commit to your yourself and make the changes necessary to live your dreams
  • Are eager to invest in yourself and your future


The Initiation™ covers: 

    •    Nutrition Guidance- healthy does taste good, food is medicine

    •    Meditation Tips and Instructionenhance time management and life flow

    •    Breathing Techniquesdecrease stress levels and anxiety

    •    Yoga/Body Movement for a Daily at Home Practice- elevate mood and increase energy levels

    •    Positive Mindset and Spirituality - feel happier and enhance interactions, friendships and relationships

    •    Daily Wellness Practicesincrease life enjoyment and master of living

    •    Conscious, Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Tipsenhance your environment and your healthier

    •    And so much more! 


What to Expect:

  1. A structured online six module program.
  2. Personal healing and coaching session with Nikki Starr. 
  3. Video content with worksheets delivered to your inbox weekly.
    • Presentation of Material
    • Journaling Exercises
    • Easy to Follow, How to, Step-by-Step guidance through each topic
    • Worksheet Check List to inspire ACTION!
    • Fun Challenges to keep you engaged throughout the week
    • Implementation of course material throughout the weeks 
  4. Email availability between sessions. 
  5. Option to continue weekly meetings beyond the program. 


Other Benefits: 

  • Course is taken in the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world—all you need is a computer or smartphone and a wifi connection.
  • 2-3 hour maximum time commitment per week for the video module and coaching session.
  • Implement material daily at your convenience, as much as you like.
  • Worksheets to follow along while watching videos. You can take notes on them and use them as a reference during the course and after course completion.
  • Videos provide the opportunity to pause and take notes, replay whenever you like, reference, or as refresher throughout the course. 
  • Easy to follow, step-by-step guidance, with the opportunity to ask questions during the coaching sessions, via email or discussion boards. 
  • Tools to decrease your stress levels, improve time management, increase energy levels, promote happiness, gratitude and well being. 
  • The course will empower you with information to enhance your life, live your dreams, improve your health, increase your energy levels, inspire innovation, and bring even more love and excitement into your life! 


The Initiation Program is an investment of $1500. There is also a three month payment plan option at $555 per month.


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See what those who have experienced The Initiation™ say:


"Thank you, Nikki!!  This course was amazing, and I’m so grateful for it!  It also really set me off on my spiritual journey, so thank you!! I’m so much happier now, in so many different aspects.
It’s truly changed my whole perspective on life.  I learned to view life through a completely different lens – one of gratitude. One of the biggest things this course has taught me is to act in spite of fear.  
There was so much information – from nutrition to how to better connect with nature – all incredibly helpful.
My goals have changed a lot since going through this course.  The things that I wanted to work out are either a.) No longer an issue for me or b.) I learned how to look at them through a different lens from this course!
Everyone should take this course.  Even if you’re already happy and feel like life is great – there’s something in this course for you. "


Since taking the Course Atthena quit her job to follow her heart. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training and has been traveling the world. She recently opened a Yoga studio in NYC. During our last email exchange she was in India and wrote, "As I'm rapidly evolving and exploring this new path, my calling seems to be pulling me towards bhakti yoga and that's where my heart wants me to focus on at this time. You are doing such amazing things, and I am continuously so excited and so proud of you for all that you are doing." 

This Initiation Course™ with Dr. Nikki was amazing.

The course exceeded my expectations. With yoga, meditation, healthier food work sheet, and inspirational real face time sessions with Dr. Nikki and others who were taking the course, it changed my life for the better. I have had years of therapy and counselors, this course helped me move on from a painful dark place. And made me more aware of a healthier, happier and now thinner me.

Listening to Nikki speak, and her contagious laughter, she not only made you feel informed and confident, she made you feel there was nothing I couldn’t do. I also liked how the worksheets helped me look deep inside of me to be able to unravel and define what was causing me to be in such a negative place.

YES! I would recommend The Initiation Course™. It help me move past all my pain that was also affecting my health. This was something I had not been able to do for over 10 yrs and many therapists.

P.S. I finally got a new job...
— Soni C. 52, Myrtle Beach

Dr. Nikki, so many life changes because of your program. I changed the way I eat, the way I love, and who is in my life. I have moved, learned to speak from the heart, and to focus on my true self.

I have learned to speak from my heart, to find and allow love in as I attract it through my energy. I have learned to feed my body organic whole foods to provide me with energy while balancing my weight for the first time in years. I have developed some very close friendships and feel surrounded by love.

People around me see the changes I have made and ask me what I have done different. All the years of working in behavioral health never prepared me for what your program did. It helped me to change multiple things at once. All my intentions have come true.

I absolutely LOVE you, you have changed my life, my health, my love, the way I live, and the way I give. I have recommended this class to so many people! I already have people wanting to sign up!
— Faith

"The Initiation Course™ has increased my mental and physical energy and has helped me establish a regular yoga practice. I also signed up for Kundalini Yoga teacher training. I am more excited and inspired about life since taking this course. I have more energy so I can do more and I feel much happier because of this. 
My favorite things about the course are your love, support and wisdom. And the goal setting and action steps, they really helped to set me in motion. I've told my friends about the course! 
Thank you Nikki! I definitely feel I am in a better place in my life with mental and physical energy/health and better situated to achieve more of my goals because of your support!"
–Alex A.

Since The Initiation Course™, I am excited about everything because I am more positive, and I’m just more grateful about everything I have.
I rate this course a 10, it’s a great life course for your mind, body, and soul. By the 3rd week (if not sooner) you’ll start seeing a significant result, if you put in the work.
I have really implemented the positive thinking, nutrition, and gratitude. Life has been calm, my anxiety has gone away, I’m no longer tired and bloated. I have completely changed my eating habits. I’m now dairy and gluten free, and everything I eat is organic, antibiotic free, and preservative free as well.
— Krista, 32, New York
The Initiation Course™ has changed my life in so many ways. I’ve learned to be more appreciative and patient, and I’ve learned to be more mindful about how I treat myself, my body and the world around me. I’ve become more mindful about the toxins around me and chosen to live a more healthy and chemical-free life.
I feel more open to the possibilities that life has to offer. The course is a form of group life coaching, with information on goal setting, emotional and physical wellbeing, nutrition and living holistically.
Everything has been helpful, and everything came in an order that was very timely. It seemed like you knew what I needed to hear in that moment.
I’ve been using yoga to help me sleep better at night, and meditation has helped me emotionally. I think the most beneficial has been the nutrition stuff, I have lost about 35 pounds so far.
— Jenna 43, Tulsa OK

The Initiation Course™ allowed me to truly start what I always wanted to do in life and to not settle. I started a new business.

Dr Nikki Noce, is a true role model; an image full of passion and a vibrant individual. I loved taking this course after a devastating tragedy happened to me in my life. I think it’s meant to be that our paths crossed. Her sincere, genuine and true well-being of each students was felt and truly appreciated. I wish there would be many, Dr Nikki Noces on earth. A true impact and inspiration for any person. I loved this course and have recommended it to all my friends and family-even abroad.
— Yesim O. 40, Atlanta, GA

My favorite part of The Initiation Course™ was Week Two. I enjoyed learning about the spiritual laws, and in particular the Law of Compassion. This caused me to restore my relationship with my biological mother. Of all I gained from the course, re-establishing a relationship with my mother is one of the greatest gifts given to me.
For the person who does not have any metaphysical or spiritual knowledge, the course is a great start to learning the principles. This course will equip you to be a better, happier you. For the person who has metaphysical or spiritual knowledge, it is a perfect enrichment and supplement for one’s continued growth.
The course has caused me to pay attention to the little things. While grocery shopping, I now read labels. Something that surprised me was finding out that the majority of the name brand soups have high fructose corn syrup as one of its ingredients. Knowing this I purchase different, healthier soups now.
Dr. Nikki and I spoke about my finances. I shared with her that I have been saving for emergencies. Dr. Nikki stated something that revolutionized my way of thinking about savings. I now save for my dreams, instead of emergencies. With this, my savings is flourishing and continues to do so.
— Aaron, 32 Corpus Christi, NM

"Here is my testimonial about the 6 week course with Dr. Nikki; listen to how the course has impacted my life." 

"The Initiation Course™ has taught me to look at the glass half full instead of half empty. In remaining with a positive state of mind regarding my life, I will continue to channel better, greater opportunities that will eventually fill my glass to the top.  In achieving this level of peace and accomplishment, I will feel wholeheartedly complete in all areas of my life.

The course has given me an amazing sense of clarity and perspective on the direction I want my life to head towards; and how to get there. It has made me much more aware of the foods entering my body, the products I use on my skin, and just my overall view/perspective on everyday living. The course has given me a foundation to leading/living a positive lifestyle.

I was excited to try the foods on the list given for better health to the 25 Spiritual Laws, as well as the new breathing and relaxation techniques which were provided.  Incorporating these practices leaves me rejuvenated and strong, mentally and emotionally.

I have ALREADY recommended the course to friends, once I read the email which stated this will be done 2x a year. I rate this course a 10!! I have told them what the course was about, what it has done for me and how inspirational it is. Also, how cool it is to work with so many different people from all over.

The only thing I would want to change is the length of the course. Although 6 weeks is a good amount of time, I wish it was a bit longer. The inspiration which comes from the weekly calls and documentation, just makes me wish it wasn’t over so soon. 

- Naomi

"Here is my story, my testimony of what I learned in The 6 week Initiation Course™ and how it has changed my life: Great material, great video and explanation helped so much. I am such a hands on type of learner and not only was I able to follow along, I felt like I was sitting in the same room with Dr. Nikki. The material at my disposal whenever I forget something or get distracted is so nice to have. 

Teresa, 58 Kalama, WA

Teresa, 58 Kalama, WA

The first weeks worksheet really helped me to realize where I was, how I got there and where I wanted to go from here on out. It took a lot of tears to admit just what really went wrong. Then it gave me hope. 
Week two gave me perception to see my life from a different view. I started believing I just might have a purpose in life after all. I can honestly say this is when I realized there was a different window for me to see out of rather than my bedroom where I watched the world go by for so many years. 
Week three was something I didn't realize I needed until I started practicing. Little did I know there was so much to breathing, meditation & relaxation. Now when I am doing all three together and correctly, I seem to have an out of body experience. 
Week four was something I felt I was really ready for. Boy was I wrong. When I first started yoga, I felt completely out of my league. I was overweight & lazy, but the three previous weeks is what kept me going. I can honestly say, I never ever thought I was ever going to be able to balance on one foot. Now I do it with ease. The material provided gives me so many choices to do as little or as much as I can handle that day. 
Week five was and is the hardest week for me. I have always been a horrible eater and have never really enjoyed green food, yet alone anything healthy. There is so much information in week 5. I have so many choices. I am a long way from eating healthy but I am on my way, I have choices and if I don't become a green eating, hummus loving vegan, it's ok. I know I am feeling healthier than I have in a long long time. 

Wow, week six. I was so afraid to get to this last week. Even with all the wonderful material I have tried so hard to empower my mind, soul and body, I was afraid I would put the material on the shelf and slowly fall back in to my dark safe place... My bedroom. I can happily say, I am doing great. Am I perfect? No! Will I ever be? I used to say no one is perfect. Now I ask myself, what is perfect? Perfect is knowing you have done the best you could do. You gave it your all. You will do it again and again and each time you do, it will be better than the last time. But if one day isn't the best, that's ok too. I have choices to make, I have decisions to make but most of all I now have the material I need to start on my next chapter in life. I may have to re read a chapter or two, but I will get though this book, one chapter at a time. 
I owe this all to the one beautiful Dr. Nikki. Without her, I would still be living in my safe place. Now the only time I visit that place is when it is time to go to sleep. I'm active, I'm happy and most of all I'm me and I love ME! Thank you for giving me my life back Dr. Nikki. Your patience, understanding, guidance, knowledge, love and compassion is what I needed. You are just what the Doctor ordered."

- Teresa B.

Update 8 months after the course:

Hi Nikki! I needed to message you and give you wonderful news. Brandon (my son who fell) is signing his walking papers today and is on his way a long road of recovery. Who in the hell falls 50' onto concrete and not only survives but walks out of hospital 7 days later! Right?
Even better news, and this is my reason for messaging you. I used the tools!! Oh boy did I ever use the tools!! Nikki, I have to tell you, not only was it almost killing me to see my step son in that condition, the family bullshit I had to deal with, had I not had what I learned from you, it would have killed me!! The breathing is what saved me during the initial devastating news, as time went by, the meditation is what overpowered my body to get though every obstacle thrown my way. 
So Nikki, from my soul, my heart and my mind, I thank you!

Lori, 46 Highspire PA

Lori, 46 Highspire PA

"The Initiation Course has taught me step by step instructions in becoming who I am truly meant to be. To take risks and if they fail, look at them as a learning tool for my next journey. I've been able to find the positives in my life and grow with them rather than allowing the negatives to hold me back.
I had some knowledge in what and how I needed to change my life but felt overwhelmed because I didn't know where to start. Dr. Nikki taught me the step by step instructions and gave me the confidence to take that first leap.
Even if you're a beginner you will quickly learn what you're doing right in your life and the areas you need to change to find the inner, happier, healthier you. Her love for life is contagious! "

- Lori B. 

The course superseded my expectations. The Initiation Course gave me the tools to polish my life. I feel more relaxed and excited about the future. I feel like I now have a plan! I would rate the course a 10. I feel like a I have a more defined road map that is easy to follow. Life has been more clear.

The course is organized in a way that is very easy to follow. So many of the words have become a part of my subconscious which helps to keep me aligned. I was not unhappy before the course but wow I feel firmly grounded. The course is an investment in yourself. I am determined to be my best me so that I can give back and thoroughly enjoy this life journey.

Dr. Nikki is also very intuitive, sincere and full of love. I felt an instant connection to her which made it even easier to do the work. Continue doing such wonderful work and changing lives. What a wonderful gift you have.
Denise, Medical Doctor

I didn’t know what to expect when I started this course, bc I WAS pessimistic by nature I didn’t think it would do much good! Boy was I wrong, and I’ve never been happier to be wrong! Just by analyzing your life, and setting up your goals for the future in the first week set a good tone for the rest of the course. The gems as Dr. Nikki calls them, that I learned are priceless! I’m in AA and the things I learned made me more grateful with the gratitude list we wrote everyday, in turn I became more spiritual and grew in my spiritual life with the gratitude lists, meditation, and yoga, she had us doing. I already did prayer and meditation, but she taught me that there’s more than one way to meditate and to be more free with things. I’m definitely a positive person now, and if I find myself being negative I always say something to negate it which is something I learned from Dr. Nikki. I also learned a lot of great nutrition information from her as well! I thought I knew a lot of things about nutrition, and Dr. Nikki really enlightened me to so many things I never knew! This course was unimaginably great! I could have never imagined anything better, it has really changed and helped my life and continues to on a daily basis! Thank you Dr. Nikki for all your help and advice, and thanks to the group that was also so great and supportive! P.S I even hug trees now!
— Kris N., 33, NYC

Dear Dr. Nikki,
Thank You from deep within my soul for saving my life in so many ways in 2015.  After the course was over and I began the journey of getting off Morphine, I started seeing my new GP once a week and she was able to guide me completely off long acting and short acting (It's been 3 months now). Apparently this usually takes most people years to achieve and I believe that It was your Initiation Course that prepared me for the War I was facing. 
Meditation and Breathing exercises were so key to keep faith that it would be over eventually which it finally has. Your posts kept me inspired to keep on pushin' on..I still am relearning how to live again, feel some of the pain I originally had before entering a Pain Clinic but I am free and will never turn back! :) 
I do my best to spread the Love and positivity you've shared as much as I can every day I can make it outside as I continue to heal. A Year ago I was pretty much stuck in bed but through your lessons and hard work, 2 nights ago I proved to myself by DJing a 4 Hour set and I’m back to doing my weekly radio show at the University so I'm excited for the New Year.
I also attached some photos I took of the Certificate you had sent, I had it framed to put on my wall to see every morning I wake up. Thank You Nikki for the beautiful gift for life!
Steve, 37

"I was reading my affirmations from the course again recently, which I had copied onto my phone, including part of the email you sent back when I needed help structuring them. You had said  "It is important for you to find clarity about what your purpose and passions are and then figure out from there where to go. Digging deep and going within with meditation will begin the path for you along with other insightful experiences like travel, yoga, trying new things, and meeting new people. You have to get uncomfortable and start seeing things from a different perspective in order to find out what your purpose is."
After the retreat experience, rereading  it, especially that last sentence, I felt like it really clicked and understood. It was really powerful to see your words and think about them in a new light. I just wanted to share that with you. 
I miss you and all of the retreat participants a lot! I can feel the tugging in the wrong direction and my rationalizations / fears / society expectations getting stronger back in the "real world".  First few days back I still had the strong clarity from the retreat but it is getting clouded again these days. But I am grateful that I can think back to the experience to remind myself. And Atthena also helps to remind me! Last thought - I also love the quote you posted recently."
-Jen, 28 Financial Advisor

Update from Jen 7 months post course:

"Life is changing a lot right now!  I just moved to Seattle and started a new job this week!  Looking forward to exploring a new city and new experiences.  I'm also a lot closer to nature now! :) Atthena and I were talking about it shortly before I left NY - how much everything has changed and it really hasn't even been a year yet!" 


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