It's all about having fun!


Life is all about having fun! Health, yoga, meditation, nutrition, coaching, wellness- it all sounds so serious but in reality it is FUN! Laughter and lightness (mentally and physically) is what keeps us young and healthy! When was the last time you skipped down the street? When was the last time you got silly and laughed so hard your stomach hurt? 

Whenever I work with clients you can hear me laughing out loud. I infuse my work with the essence of who I am. I laugh, I tell jokes, I remind people to smile and have fun, and I know my clients appreciate it. My friends are always telling me that I'm full of youth. In that case, I'll continue to laugh when I feel like it and do silly yoga poses when I feel like it, and continue to not take myself so seriously because then life will start to get boring and that's the last thing we want!