Keep your power!

Understandably, as humans, we have a tendency to react when situations annoy us. When something doesn’t go our way or when someone triggers something inside of us, we may lash out by becoming angry, by raising our voices, and by saying something we may later regret.

The thing is, no matter how “wrong” the other person or situation is, the moment we lose our cool, we lose our power. We may have the most insightful, wonderful thing to say, but if said with ego and from a place of reactivity, the other person won’t be able to hear us. The energy with which we communicate is so powerful— it’s more about how we say it, rather than what we say.

As we continue on the path to becoming our best selves, it’s important to become vigilant observers of our emotions without letting them get the best of us. The next time you feel reactivity flooding your veins take a moment to breathe, keep your cool, and come from a place of love before allowing the words to flow from your lips. #bethebestyou