Say no to obligation and more yes to inspiration!

It’s funny, the moment anything becomes a task to be done it becomes an obligation no matter if it initially came from a place of inspirational. I love what I do but I have to be mindful to keep the fun alive. My most recent intention has been to follow inspiration and rid my life of obligation. Who wants to live life from a place of obligation? I sure don’t. 


Life is meant to be inspiring in every moment. Yes, it actually can be. But in order to live in this way we have to say no to that which is not serving, that which is not inspiring. It’s perfectly ok to say no. Following inspiration keeps us energized. Fatigue doesn’t exist in the space of inspiration. When we are tapped into inspiration, we are tapping into some other force. When we are inspired, we are simply acting as a vessel to share our gifts with the world. Following inspiration is like following a map to our destiny. It is the compass guiding us to the next place along our journey. When we follow inspiration, we live the life of our dreams. 


Two weekends ago I attended conference. I went because I resonated with the speaker, I found her to be inspirational, especially as a speaker, and I’m always looking for ways to improve my craft–I believe in continued education. But while at the conference, it was nothing about enhancing speaking skills, but rather about living our dreams. I already know the secrets to living dreams because I already am. I created The Initiation Course™ and I host retreats to ignite passion in people.  


It was beautiful to attract this conference as a mirror to know that I am on the path, but I also got a big wake up call that I was procrastinating by being there. The conference had become an obligation, no longer fueled by inspiration. It wasn’t inspiring me and so I left to go to a 70’s Rollerskating Party. Little did I know the speaker was going to call me on stage for some laser coaching and I wasn’t there! When I found out, I initially felt embarrassed, but then I actually felt empowered because I chose to follow my inspiration. The 70s rollerskating party allowed my inner child to play! 


The next day I felt so empowered and joy filled because I had fed my soul. The interesting thing was I noticed my presence at the conference on this last day had a greater, more magnetizing affect on people. More people approached me that day than on any of the other days. When I chose to follow my inspiration, my whole being was enhanced and I was inspiring those around me. 


Even with blogging and sending newsletters, I found that when I started scheduling exact days and timelines–creating unnecessary deadlines for myself–I began to feel pressured and not so inspired. The moment I released this and said, “Well I don’t know when I’ll blog, I’m just going to follow my inspiration,” and now it all happens perfectly. The moment I release pressure and obligation, the inspiration flows perfectly.


I know we can’t always go with the flow, but I do invite you to follow your inspiration even more than usual, and say no to the things you feel obligated to do and uninspired by. By saying no this frees up space to invite inspiration in and to live life to the fullest. When we choose to be guided by our hearts, inspiration flows through us. This fills us up in a way that allows our presence alone to inspire others. Try it for a week and let me know how it goes. Sending love and inspiration to you! Have a beautiful day!