Lean on me AND grow taller...

“Being able to lean on each other for support, while allowing each other to grow taller is the essence of this tandem pose. As is true for any healthy relationship.” I was amazed when these words flowed from my mouth during a partner yoga session I was teaching last week.

Yoga is a platform for self-discovery and growth. As a teacher, I’m simply a channel to facilitate this evolution— a mirror, a conduit, a guide... So many alignment adjustments become allegories for life lessons. I learn so much from my clients and it’s so beautiful to observe their transformation as they progress.

As I observed this couple during a tandem tree pose, I noticed they were leaning on each other a bit too much— they appeared stunted. Despite continuing to ask them to grow taller, it was impossible because of the position of their feet and hips. To expand to their fullest potential in this pose, they needed to give each other space to work on their form individually, and create a stronger foundation independently, before regrouping and uniting as one— as is true for the sustainability of any healthy relationship. #bethebestyou