Spring Cleaning for the Soul: It’s OK to Say Goodbye

Just as gardeners prune the wilted parts of plants that are ready to fall away so that they grow bigger and healthier, we too need pruning in our lives. Just as we clean out refrigerators, closets and purses of the things we no longer need, there are elements in our lives ready to say goodbye to. 


When was the last time you did an inventory on your life? Sat in deep reflection about where you are and where you would like to be? When was the last time you examined your day to day being mindful and aware about all the things you do, the way you think and the relationships you keep? 


Every aspect of our life and every choice that we make influences this moment and our future's unfolding.



If we hold onto baggage it will weight us down. When we say goodbye to what is no longer serving, we grow taller and shine brighter.


Sometimes we need a shift in perception to see clearly. Sometimes a new experience or having a community of people around us supporting our journey helps us with this process. Or sometimes just reading a blogpost like this one can inspire the changes we are ready to make. 


The annual group Initiation Course™ just ended this week and resulted in major transformation for all participants. All of their intentions have manifested in just 6 weeks and they are on the path to living their dreams. They see the world differently and this inevitably has caused them to examine their lives. The self care they have learned on the journey has also allowed them to realize their self worth, what they want in life and what they deserve. It has also given them the confidence to create a life they love. 



One woman realized by the end of the course that her husband wasn’t a match for her. She desired much more in a partnership and is choosing to live a life she loves in all aspects of her life including romance. Another woman intended to try new things and meet new people, and in doing so she realized certain friendships are not serving her highest good. She is ready to say goodbye to drama and hello to conscious community–she is already building her tribe. 


Perhaps these stories have struck a cord. If so, perhaps it’s time for some spring cleaning in your life. Thankfully it can be a smooth, easy and uplifting transition. 


Over the past few years I have gone through major personal transformation. I came to realize that change is the only constant in life. 


Our life is a reflection of who we are. As we change so does everything about our existence–the places we go, the things we do, the way we think, the people we meet–all of it.


If we resist, the process is tortuous. If we allow, it will be the most beautiful journey. Old friends may drift away, but wonderful new ones will come our way. Outdated thinking is upgraded with new uplifting ways of being. New enlightening experiences will find us too.


The most amazing life is possible if we put ourselves out there, remain open to change and allow the flow of life to serenade us. 

When we say goodbye to what is no longer serving, we create space for something even greater to come in. 

We don’t even have to verbally say goodbye to people, places or situations, it will just happen naturally if we create the intention to flow with life. Old happenings fade into the background as new experiences and people that are more resonant with where were are in the moment fill our days. It’s ok. This is a normal part of the life. It’s ok to energetically say goodbye as we wish those from our past well on their journey and love them from afar. 


Sometimes we have blind spots and we can’t see what is not serving in our lives. We know something is ready to shift because we feel stuck in some way. An affirmation I speak aloud that really does the trick is:

Please dissolve away any and all relationships and happenings in my life that are not for my highest and best good. I invite in all relationships and experiences that are for my highest and best good. Now and forever more. Thank you so much and so it is. 


Upon speaking such a cleansing and invitation into your life, it is important to remain unattached to any and all things. Don’t try to force relationships or situations to unfold in a certain way. Allow everything in life to flow as it may. Choose the path of least resistance, be ready for the life changes and know that all is unfolding perfectly. Trust that everything is happening for your highest and best good and the highest and best good of all, because it is. 


In the comments below please share what you are ready to let go of and cleanse for your highest and best good: