Your eyes romance my soul. A letter to a soulmate.

Dearest You,

There is an at first sight notion I often forget about, but when it hits, oh how I remember. Our meeting, quite obviously destined for this lifetime, reminds me of a very certain feeling. A feeling I have been subconsciously longing for. Searching for. A feeling I have only known a few times before. It is this feeling beyond words, beyond a knowing and familiarity.

My body reacts.

It reacts with pleasure from knowing that I’ve met you before, in a previous life or two, despite my mind registering that this is the first time I’m seeing you.


Your presence affects me. I wasn’t expecting to find you here. I feel a warmth and comfort with you near. At a closer glimpse into the doorways of your soul, this wondrous feeling only intensifies. Those eyes have loved mine before.


Your eyes—unique, one time prints, the art embodiment of your soul—they follow you through lifetimes. That iris pattern—the blossoming of sacred lines radiating from the center of your pupil where you shine your light into mineI know it all too well. They have imprinted on my soul before. I know them in a way as if I have loved you before. 


The intensity of your gaze pulls at my heart, and I know this isn't the first time. This time, in this lifetime, it awakens a dormant part of my soul. An internal fire begins to blaze. It registers—you must be one of my soulmates.


I recognize that the love reflected back to me in this moment is enticingly destiny. I am exactly where I am meant to be. Oh the beauty of such moments. Our love has been written in the stars. Flashes of the possibilities of our dance together this lifetime flood my senses. Excitement fills me at the inevitable unfolding of our love story this lifetime.


I fall forward to catch your hug and in your touch, one I know well, a soothing rush engulfs me as your warmth invades my space. How lucky I am to meet you again. How lucky to feel the melding of our beings as our energies embrace. You feel like a part of my home. I’m perfectly where I am meant to be.


Enraptured by a flood of fantasies, we sing the same song. I understand you and you understand me. Though we speak words, our communication is beyond these subtleties. The melodies in our hearts resonate—amplifying the purity within, vibrating our entire beings, while electrifying each and every precious cell of our divine vessels.

Where have you been?

I can feel myself relaxing each and every moment in your presence. Thank you for allowing me to be myself completely, and for loving all of my perfect imperfections. In this moment of clarity, I am simply me.

I love you because you are a part of me, just as are the earth, the moon, and the stars.

I am grateful to have just this moment with you, as I know you may only be here a lesson, a season, or a lifetime. Whatever it is, I don’t care. I am here with you now. I smile to see you fly. May your light shine so brightly this lifetime.

I wish you only that which is for your highest and best good, a life full of profound love, joy, and happiness in all ways possible.

The perfection and beauty of our union in this moment is just that—a perfectly beautiful, transient moment in time. And I shall set it free. And even if I never see you again this lifetime, I still smile and love you just the same, because I know it is inevitable that we will dance again.

                                                                                                               With love,