Superfood Spotlight: Dates aka Nature's Candy!

After my blog post last week on creating the ultimate superfood smoothie, I promised to begin a superfood spotlight. We have so many options when making food choices, it's important to spotlight the best foods available. Superfoods keep us healthy- they are nutrient dense and provide many preventative and age defying benefits.



I LOVE dates! They are so friggin’ good, and sooo good for you. If I had name a food that is nature’s candy, it’s a date. You can eat them just as is or add them to your smoothie or oatmeal as a natural sweetener. 


They are a great source of Minerals! There are at least 15 minerals found in dates, including

  • Potassium – supports heart and vascular function
  • Magnesium – supports muscle function
  • Iron – prevents anemia
  • Copper – maintains red blood cells
  • Selenium- prevents cancer and supports immune function


Eat dates if you’re:

  • Feeling constipated. They are a great source of fiber.
  • Anemic, given the iron content
  • Vegetarian. They contain amino acids (for protein production) lacking in other fruits.
  • Just looking for something to cure the sweet craving!