I'm in Utopia!

Imagine having a fresh start… a reset button on life… to create a society aligned with your vision and values.

Imagine being given three acres of picturesque fertile land, some food, livestock, shelter, and start up money to create a business.

The few caveats are sacrificing up to a year of your life bound to this land without family and friends, as well as giving up phone, email, and social media (except in relation to creating a business). You can only pack a limited crate of personal possessions and a few items to start the community. Oh, and did I mention you’d be embarking upon this journey with 14 complete strangers, likely with very different ideas of what a Utopia means?


So being the explorer that I am, I decided to apply after a friend sent me the link commenting, “I think you would be a light on this show.” At first I was a bit hesitant given the infamy of reality TV, but after learning about the concept and the innovative production process, I realized this was actually reality, not the fake scripted kind. Cameras are to be planted all over the compound streaming 24/7 live footage, and producers won’t be behind cameras calling the shots−these checks and balances convinced me to participate.


So why would I want to give up a year of my life to rough it out, giving up luxuries and the affection of my loved ones for such an adventure?

I believe in living close to the land in a constructive community setting.


Humans are tribal beings; sharing love and support with each other in a community setting makes this challenging journey of life more enjoyable.


The people of Okinawa, an island of Japan, have the longest lifespan of anywhere on the planet and community is a major characteristic of day to day life, as is eating from the land. Norway, the happiest country in the world, has much of its population living in a community setting as well.


Food is medicine and being able to grow and cultivate our own food ensures it is healthy and free of any harmful chemicals, pesticides, or modifications (GMOs). TLC will be given to our livestock without any harmful hormones and antibiotics.


Living close to nature free of the overly hectic schedules of major cities with less radiation from electronics and being in cycle with the sun also prevents disease. Simply spending time in nature has healing benefits that are beyond measurable.


Of course there will be challenges, and so is life. Initially living in primitive conditions with few amenities and possessions will be tricky, however, I feel Burning Man, 10 days of silence and 18 days in the Amazon jungle have prepared me for this next experience. The manual labor of farming and building will likely be taxing on the body, though I trust my daily yoga practice will provide me with strength and endurance.


Likely the most difficult challenge will be cohabiting with 14 strangers from all walks of life. Conflict is inevitable. All the personal growth and self practices of yoga and meditation will be put to the test. Utilizing and encouraging constructive communication is definitely one of my intentions, as is choosing to see through a lens of love and compassion. During times of disagreement, I will be invoking the value of solidarity−putting aside personal differences for the greater vision and goals of the community.


I will be bringing my skills of medicine, nutrition, yoga, meditation, cooking, communication, love, laughter, affection, fun, and inspiration to share in Utopia.


Sure, there is the risk of my reputation being slandered due to words taken out of context or who knows what else. But I trust the purpose of my involvement is a positive one. The reward of being able to reach millions of people to empower and inspire, even just a few, to live healthier, happier lives in any way will mean that I have fulfilled my dharma.


My vision for Utopia is for the 15 of us to come together and rise above our differences to work together to create a loving, compassionate, health-promoting, eco-friendly, and self-sustaining community. 


Please tune into FOX on Sunday September 7th at 8pm for the series premiere of Utopia, and show me love on social media by using #DrLove #DrNikki. For more info about the show visit: www.utopiatv.com.