Love the Life you Live


Yesterday driving back to the hotel I had a really interesting conversation with our taxi driver. His point of view is that if he does all the right things in life, like work hard, helps others, not drink or smoke, and take care of his family, that he will be rewarded and good things will happen to him. But at the same time, he expressed his dissatisfaction with his work life as a taxi driver, and upon further questioning, it turns out he never took any actions to find a more preferable job because he didn’t have money or connections or whatever. He simply chose to settle for the path of least resistance. 
Life isn’t something that happens to us. We have the power to create a life we love. A life to celebrate that fulfills our dreams. There may be times of struggle, like working two jobs, and resistance, because the good things in life are not always the easiest, but ultimately the actions we take result in rewards we reap. After explaining this and telling him about my own journey from medicine to an all-encompassing path of healing, I could see a change in his eyes. Everything in life is a choice, including your reaction to situations, as well as settling and indecision. Why not choose to live a life you love?