What are you grateful for?


Sunrise is my favorite time of day because of the stillness in the air. It's a time to reflect and listen to your inner guide. During this morning's yoga and meditation practice, I took this picture and was overwhelmed with a strong feeling of gratitude. Tears fill my eyes, that's how powerful gratitude is. The moment I started practicing an attitude of gratitude, my life changed. 

What we focus on tends to expand. If you're constantly complaining and noticing when things go wrong, more things tend to go wrong- like those days when you have a horrible morning and can't seem to catch a break, and you keep telling everyone how horrible your day has been… sound familiar?

The great thing is, this same principle works for POSITIVE things in your life. When you start acknowledging all the goodness surrounding you and express gratitude, either out loud, in your mind, or by writing it down, you will attract MORE of it! 

What works even better is to be ESPECIALLY grateful for the things you take for granted, like your health, the food you eat, and the warm bed you sleep in every night. We forget that even these are luxuries and deserve gratitude. And when something doesn't go so great, find a positive thing to take away and let the rest just roll off your shoulder and MOVE ON. 

Maybe this sounds like hocus-pocus, so you'll have to experience it to believe it. This week, why not try a gratitude practice? On your way to work each morning, list 5-10 things you are grateful for and see what happens. Notice your mood and if life seems any different. So, what are you grateful for today?