A brownie you can have for breakfast!


This happiness retreat is a bit more intimate and we luckily have integrative health coach, Jill de Jong, cooking up some delicious Models do Eat meals. Last night I helped in the kitchen because I love cooking and find it to be really therapeutic. One of my tasks was to make dessert! I'm a believer in moderation, and as Jill says, "indulging without bulging." So I made brownies using this recipe. You'll never believe it based on the taste and texture that this is raw, vegan, gluten free, sugar free, and made with all natural organic ingredients. I decided to add a banana and use raw honey instead of agave in the frosting ingredients and topped it off with some raspberries. It was absolutely decadent, yum! I'm about to head downstairs and have some leftovers with my breakfast because it's that healthy. As a doctor, this is the kind of dessert I highly recommend!