Disconnect to Reconnect

I’m a big fan of solitude. Spending time solo, away from Internet, phone, demands, and responsibilities allows us to dive deep within to evaluate life— observing where we are and where we want to go— without the influences and expectations of those around us. I understand that this can be hard to do, so the flip side is that we don’t have to go into solitude for days to get inspired. We can choose to disconnect from our usual routines and opt for spontaneity for even just a half-day!


This past week I took a last minute three-day trip to Miami to do just that. I realized I was working seven days a week and I needed to press the reset button. Choosing to disconnect allows us to reconnect with our playful and creative side.  Disconnecting allows us to relax and live in the moment— resting our brains, which inevitably sparks new ideas. It’s important to take time to live. Not thinking about emails, clients, and creating revved up my desire to get back to work in a fresh way.

This is something we can do in our own cities for just few hours. Find a friend and go on an adventure. Do something you’ve never done before and leave the phone at home! I know it’s scary to think about being without that electronic device, but your play date will be that much more enjoyable. And just remember to have fun!