How about this for a New Year’s Resolution…

It’s about that time again, time for a New Year’s resolution. Time to decide what it is in our lives or about ourselves that we want to change, that we must change, or else… Well I have a different idea for a resolution. It’s quite the opposite actually. But beware…It will require you to be bold and courageous. But I believe in you. You can do it.


This New Year, I invite you to be bold. I invite you to be courageous. For your New Year’s Resolution, I challenge you to OWN IT. Own you. Own every beautifully flawed thing about yourself. Own the perfect polarities running through your veins—the good, the insecure, the beauty, the shadows. Own every speck of your being. Own you without excuses. Own you without apologies.


Own you without fraud. Own you without pretending because the veil is thinner than you think. Stop wearing that mask and coddle the perfect imperfections that are a part of you. These blasphemies are a gift, a shiny road map leading to the higher self. And these parts need love too! When we put baby in the corner boy does she want to lash out! She wants to be seen too. And she will haunt and terrorize you if you keep ignoring her. It will take courage, but you can do it.


You know what your shadows are. And if you don’t consciously know, you can feel them. So do yourself a favor and own you, so you stop getting so defensive every time someone projects on you. Is the perfect façade triggered yet? If you choose to own you, all of you, there will be nothing to get triggered by. Angry? Frustrated? Annoyed? These emotions become distant friends once we begin to love ourselves completely.  


The cycle of healing requires awareness and acceptance. Although I challenge you to own it, I must clarify that this does not mean an attitude of, “Oh well, this is where I am.” Sure it means self-acceptance and self-love—unconditional, divine, pure, nurturing self-love—for exactly where you are in this moment, but don’t let it flow to the wind. You love yourself too much to allow for such laziness.


Courage will give you the strength and the power to shift all that is no longer serving you. The courage within sparks discipline to guide you on your journey to the higher self. It will take discipline to stay on the path of self-growth, choosing what is for your highest and best good in each and every moment. And whether you like it or not your heart knows the answer. You can feel it in every decision and indecision. And trust me, it’s hard work, and oh so very worth it.

This realization about the wholeness of your being provides an opportunity to ignite the flame of inspiration, choosing to honor, love and take care of you, so that you may live guided by the divine light within, so that you may share your light and gifts with the world.

This New Year please join me, and let’s choose to love and accept ourselves completely, unconditionally. This place of peace allows for a life where resolutions are daily occurrences, for when a shift is necessary it is a joy and priority to heal through it. I believe in you. I believe you are courageous enough to live life as the best you—centered, connected, happy, overflowing, and always shining in your highest light. I love you unconditionally. Happiest New Year to you <3