Ecofriendly and Healthy Hydration

After last week’s blog about water filters, read here, I have received several questions regarding the best water bottles to use and more. Thank you for all of your comments and questions. 

Here is a breakdown of what I recommend in terms of the healthiest and the most ecofriendly options:

1.     The best option for the planet and monetary wise in the long run is to purchase a fluoride filter system, like the Berkey, which I have, that can filter the water directly from your tap. Yes this is costly at first but can we really put a pricetag on maintaining our health and preventing disease? Other options exist as well I just found this one to make the most sense for me and it had great reviews and came recommended by friends and colleagues. 

2.   Also, it is best to purchase a stainless steel water bottle such as the Klean Kanteen listed here. I have the 27oz and feel it is a great size for me. Plastic water bottles contains many chemical such as bpa, which have harmful effects on our bodies including being linked to cancer. Other plastic particle bi-products are linked to obesity and other health problems. Plastic also pollutes the earth. Let's make an effort to minimize plastic waste and purchase items in glass or metal whenever possible. 

3.     If you can’t purchase a water filter, buy water in bulk, such as 5 gallons or so, to minimize the carbon footprint and the plastic waste. You can use the stainless steel water bottle to travel with too. I have friends who sail around the world and the way the water currents work, tons of mini plastic particles pollute the waters of Tahiti and other beautiful beaches. Even in California the beaches are lined with the little white caps from plastic water bottles. Please do not purchase the individual water bottles. Also the documentary Tapped, may also provide insight as to why it is best to steer clear of the bottled water industry. Water is an abundant element of the earth, why are we paying for it?

My water bottle travels everywhere with me!

My water bottle travels everywhere with me!

4.     Well water is a great option and generally doesn’t have fluoride added to it, however, only certain communities have this option. It is important that this water be checked for organisms, and be filtered of them via filters or ozone, so that no one gets sick. In certain communities that use heavy pesticides and fertilizers with farming it can run off into the well water so it is important to have the water tested before drinking.

I hope this helps! Happy hydration!