Superfood Spotlight: Moringa

I absolutely love that there is a shift back to nature in terms of lifestyle and using the plants of the earth as medicine. I coin these plants, “superfoods,” as I have in past “Superfood Spotlight” posts.” Though it’s important to note that all plants of the earth are superfoods, preventing disease while optimizing our heath. That said, there are some that provide added medicinal properties. 

Some consider Moringa the most nutrient-rich plant yet. 

Moringa Seeds from Nicaragua

Moringa Seeds from Nicaragua

Most recently of which I have been researching is Moringa. I never really used it much, though it was a part of a superfood smoothie mix I used in the past. While shopping for food for the Nicaragua retreat, I saw the seeds and purchased them for our use because I know of the many health benefits, which I’d like to share with you. 


Firstly, Moringa generally appears as a green powder, which are usually the ground up leaves. What’s wonderful about the Moringa is that all parts of the tree have medicinal value, even the seeds, shown here in the picture. These are the exact seeds I picked up in Nicaragua where the Moringa tree is native. The Moringa tree is also native to Indian, Africa, the Pacific and southeast Asia, and other parts of South America and the Caribbean. 


Studies on Moringa have proven:

  • Liver and stomach (ulcer) protective
  • Anti-Inflammatory effects, especially the seeds
  • Anti-oxidant properties
  • Antibacterial benefits
  • Blood sugar regulation (anti-diabetic)
  • Anti-tumor/Anti-cancer properties

The Moringa tree is powerful medicine! You can buy it in powder form and add it to smoothies or morning oatmeal. I plan on eating 3-4 seeds a day (not too many) in my food since I brought a few bags back from Nicaragua. Then perhaps I’ll switch to the powder, which is usually the leaves. The taste is a bit bitter, so best to eat WITH food (to mask the taste) and for better digestion as well. 

Please share with me some ways you enjoy Moringa in the comments section below. Enjoy! 


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