3 Reasons Why You Need to Buy in Bulk

Healthy living is more than what you do with your body and what you eat. It’s also about living in harmony with the planet and all living beings. Waste disposal is a big problem on this earth. Landfills continue to pop up, the waters are becoming polluted, and if we continue at the rate we are going the earth is going to become one big wasteland.


There is a big movement towards minimizing waste and this is a whole other blog, which will come in the near future. But today I’d like to talk to you about minimizing waste by buying smart. It’s also nice on your wallet!


Buying in bulk:

  1. is an excellent way to minimize waste in your home and the waste being put back into the earth.
  2. is cheaper for both you AND companies. A lot of what companies spend money on is packaging. So you save money by not having to pay the packaging surcharge.
  3. saves resources in numerous ways, especially the resources of the earth to create the packaging and resources required to get rid of the waste. 

Everyone is benefits! Even Mother Nature and all the sea life and animals currently affected by pollution!


So the next time you go to the grocery store, be sure to choose one that sells bulk items. Buy by the pound and save! Also, be sure to recycle the bags you use to transport the grocery items in order to minimize waste as well. Another great tip is to bring recyclable shopping and tote bags to the supermarket to transport your groceries in order to minimize paper and plastic use.


Thank you for participating in the ecofriendly movement!