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What if you could talk to plants?

Plants are intelligent beings too. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine this because their structure, function and make up are so different from ours and animals. Perhaps plants have something to teach us. Could we open our minds and senses and humble ourselves enough to learn from other kinds of creatures much different from us? What if you could actually communicate with plants? Perhaps you can.

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The Purpose of Living in Community

“Why would anyone want to live in community?” some of you may be thinking. “Seems kind of hippy dippy.” others may be thinking. Do I think community is beneficial for everyone? Yes. Do I think it’s challenging? Yes. Most importantly living in community is a spiritual gym. How compassionate can we be when someone eats our last banana? Community is the perfect barometer to measure where we are on the spiritual journey. It provides us with the perfect container to continue to grow and evolve into our brightest selves. 

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Buy in Bulk

Healthy living is more than what you do with your body and what you eat. It’s also about living in harmony with the planet and all living beings. Waste disposal is a big problem on this earth. Landfills continue to pop up, the waters are becoming polluted, and if we continue at the rate we are going the earth is going to become one big wasteland.

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