The Consciousness Movement


A consciousness movement has begun, and it is starting to spread like wildfire as people become more aware. Yesterday I was invited to a gathering at a friend’s place. About 80 people were there, all for a unifying purpose. Consciousness. Each person is involved in work and projects that touch the lives of people or impact the planet in a positive way. Essentially, everyone is working to make the world a better place ranging from an individual scale to a global reach, and we are coming together to see how we can unify to make an even bigger difference as Open Kulture.


Living consciously is being mindful that we are all connected, and that how you choose to live your life has an affect on others and the planet. For example, sustainable living, choosing to recycle, boycotting companies that exploit workers or damage the earth, buying local food, signing a petition for a good cause, continuing to become the best version of yourself, staying positive, giving back to the community, and complimenting the amazing people around you are all conscious decisions that impact the world in a constructive way.  If each and every one of us chose to live consciously, what a world we would live in! Change begins with one person. Keep a look out for ways to make a difference and be conscious when making daily decisions as you continue to be the best you!