Hug it out


Hugging is one of my favorite activities! Not only because it is good for my health, but also because it leaves me feeling oh so good. The effects are immediate- maybe you feel rejuvenated, like a weight has been lifted, or maybe even a little dreamy. Find someone to hug right now and feel the effects. I’m not talking about the few seconds you lean in to give someone your shoulder. I’m talking about a long winded hug where you are neck to neck, heart to heart and hips to hips with a person, maybe your legs are entwined too. These types of hugs that last for at least 30 seconds can be healing. Hugging increases the good chemicals in your brain like oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. Elevations in all of these chemicals increase the feeling of happiness, prevent disease by decreasing your stress levels, decrease anxiety, and prevent depression. Hugging things out is also great for your relationships. For prevention, schedule a hug daily with a coworker, a friend, a loved one, or if you’re really feeling adventurous someone you just met! Doctor’s orders!