Enlightenment is...

What is enlightenment? How do you define it? How do we get there?


Buddha and Jesus come to mind when I think of enlightenment. To me, they represent the embodiment of love. 

To me,

Enlightenment is loving unconditionally no matter what is happening. 


Enlightenment is a way of being. It is mindfulness, being conscious to the details of every moment without getting distracted by the noise of the mind. 

Enlightenment is presence–being here and now.

Enlightenment is feeling whole and united within. Being fully balanced in divine masculine and feminine traits. It is all parts and personalities fully cooperating and unified. 

Enlightenment is immunity to the compliments and critiques of others, not being swayed by the actions or words of others.

Enlightenment is fully surrendering. Without trying to control or change anything. It is trusting the unfolding of all events.

Enlightenment is seeing the perfection in all things.

Enlightenment is creating life with peace and ease. Manifesting dreams and fantasy into reality in a way that is innovative and uplifting, helping humanity and the planet


Enlightenment is taking a stand for what one believes in. Acting with clarity, consciousness, confidence and compassion. Consistently acting with love, generosity, humility, collaboration, cooperation and contribution. 


Enlightenment is flowing with change, keeping centered during the tides of life. The more one can keep cool and centered no matter the ups or downs, the more one is enlightened. 


Enlightenment is control over emotions. Fully accepting what is. Feeling what comes up without it affecting beyond that moment.

Enlightened ones operate in the space of love, joy, peace and bliss.

Enlightenment is living in the Maya, the world of matter and forms, but not being of it. It is having material possessions but not needing them. At any moment being able to leave it all behind without any remorse or regret. 

Enlightenment is a way of life. It is making the best choices in every moment based on what is for the highest and best good of all, not just for oneself.

Enlightenment is unattached desire, choosing a goal without fear of failure, knowing that if it is for the highest good it will be supported and unfold beautifully. It is being open to this dream evolving and changing as all things do. 

Enlightenment is seeing the beauty and love in all beings and things.

Enlightenment is not something to be achieved once in a lifetime. It happens in glimpses, in steps. Tastes of enlightenment are common for those who have chosen the awakened path. These tastes of bliss keep those striving on their spiritual journey, knowing there is more to reach with dedication and faith. 

There is no one way to reach enlightenment. 

During my time in Damanhur, I had the blessing of experiencing the Path to Spiritual Freedom, an 8 quest journey to enlightenment shared by Falco Tarassaco, the spiritual guide and visionary this community. I invite you to come along for the journey over the next few months and tap into your capacity for enlightenment. If you’re not already, subscribe here.


What is enlightenment to you? All viewpoints are valid and true. We would love to hear your unique perceptions by sharing them in the comments section below: