Pray for light in their eyes.

There has never been a more crucial time to speak up than now. 

From the divine cosmic mother–the mother of all beings and things, her message is “ENOUGH!”


Her energy is coming to us with a roar because enough is enough. When will you hear her? When there is no more clean water to drink? No more safe food to eat? When the air is no longer safe to breathe? When all of Earth’s resources have been extracted and there is nothing left?


It is time to STOP. STOP the hate. STOP the war. STOP the violence. STOP the defiling and disrespecting of people, flags, sacred waters and lands. ENOUGH!


Dearly beloved humans, enough is enough. Leave Mother Earth be. It is time to love her and honor her. She is your home. No more stealing from her. No more destroying her. The greed has gone on for much too long. ENOUGH!

People have been tortured. Nations, plants, animals have become extinct. Women raped. Children killed. Wisdom lost. For what? ENOUGH!

It is time to remember. It is time to love each other. It is time for redemption. 


The revolution or destruction of humanity is now upon us. We decide. 


America is in turmoil. The country is divided. There is no leadership. Corporations are taking over. The systems have been infiltrated. No true news is broadcasted. The financial system is a corrupt illusion. Disease is being created and bred. Most food and water are no longer safe to consume. Sacred lands are being destroyed. Treaties have been broken. 


The Lakota prophecy states that if the black snake crosses the Dakota land the world will end. Humanity will have gone too far. 


Enough is enough. I strongly urge you to DO something dear ones. For the sake of the seven generations to come. For the sake of humanity. For the sake of the planet. 


Please. Take action. Take a stand. Create change. Be the change. Vote everyday with your time and money. Vote with where you direct your focus in every moment. Be the example. 

Love, compassion and peaceful stance are the greatest weapons in this battle. 


There is hope. Have faith. This time of disorder can be the revolution that sparks the return of the golden age of humanity. The actions you take now can be the saving grace. 


Before the reorder must be chaos. Before the transformation there must be destruction. Death precedes rebirth. This can be the darkness before the dawn. But you MUST act.



Pray for them.

They are our brothers and sisters who have forgotten who they are and where they come from. They are our fellow humans who have forgotten the loving beings that they are. 

They have forgotten that we are all connected to the Earth, all beings, things and the cosmos. They have forgotten what matters most this life. 

They are us. 

Pray for light in their eyes. 

Pray for love in their hearts. 

Pray they to awaken to the love that they are. 

They are us. We are them. We are one. One human race. One planet. 

Send love. Change habits. For as you transform and radiate love and peace it will help all of humanity. 


These trying times are a blessing in disguise. A new world is coming. Which world will it be?

The world you feed is the world you will see. Every action, every spoken word, every post, every choice will shape the Earth’s destiny. How will you spend your energy, time and money? Please choose wisely. We have faith in you. The future is in your hands. 


Here are some ways to act against the