Why you MUST have a goddess circle in your life!

Ladies, it’s time to open your heart, your mind, your soul… to other females. It’s time to receive love from the feminine divine. Don’t be shy. It’s not a lesbian thing.


It’s a known fact that female bonding is good for our health. From a scientific perspective, it increases the good chemicals in the brain, acting as a natural anti-depressant. That’s why we feel so good when we celebrate life with our girl friends. So go get your goddess circle on! Doctor’s orders!


You may be wondering, “What is a goddess circle?” Well, it can mean a bunch of different things. Feel free to redefine it as you see fit, but essentially it’s having an awesome pack of positive, shining, confident, rock star women (aka goddesses) in your life. It’s a safe space, to celebrate, nurture, and support each other on this rollercoaster of life. Living is challenging, and being able to share your experience with other goddesses is magical. You can create one or many, just get some feminine goodness in your life ASAP!

Inside every woman lives a goddess. We are born with unique, shining abilities to make the world a better place. In this life, we are meant to discover and share these natural talents from the depths of our hearts with confidence, and without ego.


Goddesses are kind, compassionate, and love without judgment.


Goddesses do not get attached or clingy. They do not complain or gossip. Jealousy doesn’t exist among goddesses. They find light in darkness­- growing and learning from the positive and negative in every situation, encouraging those around them to do the same.


Goddesses shine light- highlighting the magnificence surrounding us because there is always something to be grateful for.

Even if a goddess isn’t sure about her path, emanating these beautiful qualities and taking the time to bond with fellow females is empowering and will help her along her journey.


This is the essence of a goddess.


I have goddesses around the globe. Some I see a couple of times a week, and others I see every few years. Nothing changes in the time we are apart. We continue to celebrate each other through social media or a quick love note here and there. I can feel their love miles away and I know if I ever called upon them for some lovin’ they would sing it loud and proud.


Cultivating constructive female energy is essential to maintaining a healthy and happy existence. Surround yourselves with women that cheer you on and celebrate your achievements. Keep the Debbie downers away. It’s okay to cleanse friendships when they are no longer serving you. You only have so much energy to share and it can be a fair exchange. Gather those goddesses who illuminate your path.   



A soul connection with a goddess can be instantaneous. You don’t have to know someone since elementary school. If anything, you may find new feminine energy to be your biggest supporters. This isn’t odd or coincidental; it makes perfect sense! We attract people into our lives for a reason and they mirror exactly where we are in this moment. So when you find that chica that makes your heart sing, savor that connection and cherish it.


Humans are tribe beings. We thrive when we have healthy community in our lives and that means creating nurturing relationships with the same and opposite sex. Women love spending time together— it’s written in our genetic code and we have been doing it since the beginning of time. One of my favorite things is a girls-night-in— cooking, laughing, sharing thoughts, and cuddling!!!


Yes, cuddling. Take time to cuddle with your girlfriends. It feels sooo good and it’s sooo healing. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do. Lying on the couch chatting about life in the embrace of a goddess is divine!



At hello and goodbye, continue the love exchange with a long-winded hug. A REAL hug (at least 30 seconds) is an energy booster and will make anyone’s day brighter. And studies have proven their anti-depressant effects! Press your bodies close— from your neck all the way down to your bellies, and even entwine your legs together. Press your hands against each other’s backs and get cozy. Relax. Close your eyes. And just hug. My friends and I love it!  It’s loving, not sexual, and oh so worth it! I’ve de-virginized many friends with female affection and they have been ever so grateful. Try it!



For some, this may seem uncomfortable— understandably so because society has a tendency to classify certain behaviors as things you do with males versus females. But I say to throw that all out the window. We are living in the new millennia here— no need for traditional rules. When you have a connection with a human, allow yourself to fully embrace the healing energy exchange that flows naturally, even if it is female to female.


This week I appeared on Cafecito Break, a weekly radio show celebrating goddesses and spirituality, hosted by Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten. You can listen to the episode here, and others on CafecitoBreak.com.  The energy and love that I felt from these women was truly uplifting and keeps me inspired to continue doing what I’m doing. They share this positivity and light with all the guests on their show. I met Rosangel and her sister in Botanikal, their crystal shop in Brooklyn. They host goddess circles and I absolutely adore the community these women are creating.


No matter how much good you do, there will always be the party poopers, the critics, and the negative Nancies. These are just tests along your journey. As long as you live your truth and shine your light with love and compassion you are on your path. In reality, you must be doing something right if haters are knocking at your door. Having goddesses in your life to support you through your process of self-discovery and exploration is uplifting.


Goddess circle at the Imagine Gallery

Goddess circle at the Imagine Gallery

Last week, I joined some girlfriends, and goddesses I had never met before, for an evening of celebration. We gathered in honor of the closing Imagine Gallery, a space created by friends to showcase their art and talents, but in actuality we were celebrating much more. Holding hands, I opened the circle with some breathing and intention, creating a sacred space to share. Another friend brought along inspirational quotes for each of us to read and reflect on. Another friend sang praises about the organizer of the gallery— highlighting and encouraging her recent spiritual metamorphosis. After closing the circle with some meditation and gratitude, a beauty I met only once before recited a playful narrative about a 6 year old girl. This fearless young girl with an infinite ability to love and create lives within each of us. This gentle reminder to keep shining our light despite the nay sayers, left us all in tears and embracing each other in a giant hug. This eclectic group of goddesses, each finding their way and living their truth, inspired me to write this blog. Thank you.