3 Healthy Ways to Cook Vegetables

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If you’re cooking vegetables, it’s important to preserve the nutrients as much as possible. This conversation has come up lately with clients so I decided to share it with all of you. 

For the vegetables you like raw, eat them alive and raw as this is the best way to maintain the nutrients. Heating food denatures certain enzymes and destroys certain vitamins that are head sensitive. 

For the rest of the vegetables you prefer cooked, NEVER boil them! When we boil vegetables in water or any liquid all of the water soluble vitamins leach out. So unless you’re making soup, keep them clear of drowning in water. 




3 Healthy, Simple Ways to Cook Vegetables:

1. Steaming

Steaming keeps the vegetables above water but not in the water. Various cooking ware exists to make this happen. Generally there isn’t much flavor, but you can add some Himalayan pink salt and a healthy cold-pressed oil afterwards such as olive or coconut oil. And even a squeeze of lemon pending taste preferences.

2. Roast in the Oven

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Dice up vegetables. Massage them with some coconut oil and sea/Himalayan salt. Bake on 450F until the fork slides through. The smaller the vegetables are cut, the faster they cook. Generally check around the 20 minute mark. 


3. Saute Stove Top

Cut up vegetables and sauté them in a pan on the stove top. Use coconut oil and some sea or Himalayan pink salt. Coconut oil is a better oil to use because it has a higher cooking temperature unlike olive oil which starts to degrade at higher cooking temperatures. 

Also, a way to soften the vegetables while sautéing is to add a small amount of water to create a steaming effect. Then as the steam comes up, use a lid to cover the pan to soften the vegetables. Continue to sauté and add small amounts of water to steam until desired consistency is reached. 


And don’t forget to cook with lots of love and give thanks for the food before eating to maximize the healing effects :) Enjoy!