The Worst Start to the New Year, Part 1

It was a perfectly clear night. I gazed up at the starlit sky as my body soaked in the hot springs. I felt supported nestled between the grandfather stones. “I’m so lucky.” I thought, “I have this beautiful space all to myself.”


A New Year’s Eve in solitude–this was a first for me. But oh how I enjoyed it. Honoring myself and being true to my heart’s desires, I chose to heed the call. 


Of course I questioned my decision, because after all it was New Year’s Eve. Wasn't I supposed to be at a party?


For as long as I can remember New Year’s was always a big party. Whether it was New York City or some other fun destination–Brazil, Australia, Miami, Vegas, Aspen–I had always celebrated the New Year with people, in fiesta. 


Living a life guided by others is misery. Living a life guided by the heart is heavenly. 


As my journey has deepened into a more creative and healing space, I’ve opted away from the crowds. I have felt some resistance with allowing myself permission to do what I want to do, especially when it is not the “norm.” I’ve struggled with what I think I’m “supposed to do” or what I “should do,” especially when everyone else is doing the opposite.


Opting for the road less traveled has never led me astray. Following the path of the heart is not without difficulty, however, there can be pressures from society and loved ones. Nonetheless, it is a choice, just as happiness is. I’m not sure where I’ve picked up this living from inspiration above all else kind of attitude, but I have taken a vow to empower it in others. 


So as I stared up at the top left star of Orion, I let the “shoulds” of society fall to the wayside. The vastness of the sky always reminds me of the endless possibilities waiting to be created. I stilled to silence and listened for what my heart wanted to create for this coming year. I could feel in that moment it is going to be a great year. 


And then the flood came in: Update website, The Initiation Course in group setting for 2016, Radiant Remembrance Retreat, African Safari Retreat, another Tulum Spirit Retreat and Ojai Nature Retreat, Italy and New York in June, Art of Life Retreat in Upstate NY in June, continue writing books and finish at least one, collaborations and so it continued. 


My life is my work–it is who I am and what I am here to share. I committed to it. It moves, inspires, and ignites me. When we do what we love it doesn’t feel like work. Every year I’m in awe at how much my work affects peoples’ lives for the better. And the testimonials from 2015 had me in tears of joy, excited for what 2016 will bring. 


Overcome with so much inspiration, I jumped out of the hot springs. It felt to be midnight. “Happy New Year,” I whispered and headed to the RV. I pulled out my computer and began typing away a new and improved about page. 


The next day I took full advantage of retreating from the busyness of life with more hot springs, meditating and Nature walks. I allowed my body time to rest. It was the calm before the storm. 


Over the past few years life has been challenging. From all the accumulated stress from living in NYC my whole life, to traveling extensively, to switching careers, to the reality TV show Utopia, moving across country and so forth, I had moments I felt really depleted. Time dedicated to resting and healing has been crucial on my journey.  


After veering from the Western medical model, my curiosities about alternative and ancient healing modalities have increased. Even though I haven’t been sick per se, I have been dedicated to healing, optimizing and enhancing my being. I’m a big believer in practicing what I preach.


Over the years I have worked with various types of healers and practitioners because the best thing I can do for the world is care for myself and be the best that I can be. And this creates a ripple effect because energy is contagious. 


When I am inspired and feeling good, it is healing and inspiring for others. 


The following day while spending time with friends, I shared that I was committed to healing and optimizing my being in every possible way. So a friend recommended I see a local Naturopath who has a Biomeridian machine that measures body levels and the health of my organ systems without having to do blood work. 


Mainly because I was curious–a major driving force for me–I gave Dr. Edie a call and within a few hours I was hooked up to the machine. She told me that the Biomeridian 98% accurate compared to blood tests per FDA testing. 


Nothing could have prepared me for the results. I was in utter shock. Mainly because I take such good care of myself–healthy organic eating, sleeping well, meditating, body movement, energy practices and more! I also haven’t been sick in over two years. My only complaint was feeling a bit more tired than usual, but I shrugged it off thinking it was secondary to extensive traveling. 


No matter how perfect I think I may be, there are always way to enhance my being.


The worst news was hearing that I had Aspergillus (a mold) and Staph (a bacteria) in my system. And my adrenals were overworked. "What?!" I was in shock! But really this was a blessing in disguise. To Be Continued… 


P.S. The Initiation Course™ begins January 26, 18 spaces available. Read here and if it resonates, sign up. Invest in you. With love and support from myself and all the other initiates, make 2016 your best year yet. Contact me with any questions or to set up a free consultation. Wish you a very Happy New Year!