The Worst Start to the New Year, Part 2

...Continued from The Worst Start of the New Year Part 1


“I’m not shocked by a lot of things, but I’m shocked.” I said to Dr. Edie.

I realized my travels abroad to third world countries, especially being exposed to damp smells in beachside resorts, put me at risk for mold. And as for Staph bacteria, the quality of food abroad isn’t always the best.

Though upsetting to learn my body was fighting pathogens, this is a part of life and was a healthy work out for my immune system. Also keep in mind this will not hinder my future travels. 

“I can offer you a cleanse along with treatment and it will be cleared from your system within five days.” said Dr. Edie. “You can stay at my house for a healing retreat, and everything will be taken care of for you along with body work and some other detoxing treatments.” 


Investing in the Self

Immediately my intuition screamed “Yes!” But then my logical mind kicked in with some fear because there was significant cost involved. The cheaper option would have been to do it all myself, but I know healing is much more powerful when we have support. 

So I said yes.

And how wonderful it was to have loving support from someone during this transformational time in my life.

Investing in myself to optimize my being is priceless and well worth it. 

I believe in investing in myself because this is how I can best be of service to humanity. What we do for ourselves we do for others. When we are operating at our optimal level, we can best be of service and share our light and love more fully with others. 

Any type of “dis-ease” in our lives–be it body, mind or spirit–stunts our ability to perform in the world. If we are unhappy, fatigued, in pain or with illness this appears in our vibration and others can feel it. This limits our success and ability to make a positive impact in the world.

To be truly successful on all levels, self-care must be the priority. Even our relationships with others benefit when we make self-care a priority. 

Hence why I created The Initiation Course


Whole-istic Naturopathic Healing

And so the first week of the new year I spent detoxing, cleansing and healing–not as planned, but nonetheless the greatest blessing and education I could have received.

I started the new year practicing what I teach–in a life enhancement retreat.

Even though I expected a body healing, I also received a mind and spirit upgrade because our being is interconnected. Emotions and wounds buried deep within came up to be healed thanks to healing baths, herbal body wraps and massage sessions.

I am better, stronger, optimized and even more prepared to make 2016 the best year yet. 

My medically trained brain was amazed that food, specific herbs/plants and probiotics provided the treatment necessary to rid these foreign pathogens from my body. Wow! I didn’t even need antibiotics. I didn't have to expose my body to prescription medication and the side effects that can accompany them. 

The liver and gallbladder flush also shifted my perception about treatment. Hundreds of tiny green stones were passed. I couldn’t help but think back to my hospital days and all the people we referred for surgical gallbladder removal. All they needed was a gallbladder flush to alleviate their pain and symptoms–not surgery. I even felt a moment of anger because there are less invasive, less expensive options available. But then I felt compassion realizing that doctors are just doing their job, practicing what they are taught, even if more options exist beyond their scope of knowledge. 

This healing experience was important in my continued research in holistic healing and made me even more of a believer in naturopathic treatment for “dis-ease.”

The remedy resides in Nature.

I also realized how powerful and healing that act of nurturing provides.

Love is a powerful medicine. 

Multiple avenues are possible to access and optimize our being to its fullest potential. Medicine is healthy food, body work, baths, meditation, breath, rest, sleep, time in Nature, moving the body, love and how we perceive the world, relationships, the choices we make and so on–all playing a crucial role in our human experience, both in health and happiness. 

Also, we are a key component to our personal healing. Ae are much more powerful that we think. 

Each one of us is a healer. 

The Power of Intention

This experience also allowed me to realize that doing private retreats is another way I’d like to be of service–to provide undivided attention to the individual eager to optimize during dedicated life enhancement. Once I set the intention, the most amazing thing happened–within a day a client contact me and we booked a private retreat for February!

Just as I offer in The Initiation Course, Dr. Edie also recommended I set my intentions and goals for 2016, along with some other goals I wish to happen over the next 10 years. Dr. Edie and I decided to collaborate and offer a cleansing and detox retreat for July 2017 in France. Stay tuned for details to come! 

I chose to share this experience with you to be real, honest and authentic. I practice what I teach.

We are all human. No person perfect, but rather perfect in our imperfection.

There is always room to enhance. And thus my intention is to inspire you on a path to your best Self–your true Self in body, mind and spirit. 

I would be so honored to support you in your continued transformation to a brighter you this 2016 with The Initiation Course or on an upcoming retreat. This 6 week online life-enhancement course begins January 26. See the incredible testimonials and contact me at to discuss how this course will benefit you. Forward this along to a friend looking for some more love and support too. 

With love and Happy New Year, 

Dr. Nikki