Do you give yourself permission to relax?

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to relax?

In the rat race of busy schedules— work, exercise, meals, events, dates, friends, loved ones, children, adventure, travel, blah, blah… How much time are you devoting to rest and pampering yourself? Sleep doesn’t count because it’s a necessity. I mean full on “this my time to do nothing” or “this is my time for self-love to do exactly what I want to do to nourish myself.”



Sadly, I’m the first to admit that this is an arena I need to work on. I want to give myself permission to rest, but why is it so difficult? As I’m writing this, I’m feeling the need to dedicate more time just for ME. Yes, I’m talking about being selfish! Working for myself affords me the luxury to create my own schedule, however, there is always work to be done and I’ll keep going unless there is a reason to simmer down.

Last Sunday I was so excited to have a couple of hours to myself on my rooftop. Laying out in the warm sunshine with a book was exactly what my soul was calling me to do. I got halfway through Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke (LOVE this book, link is below) when the reminders started bubbling to my brain’s surface, “did you return that email, did you send those questions over to the radio show host, you must Google book agents,” and on and on. The next thing I knew my laptop was popped open and my fingers were working away. These days I barely get a day off a week, and come to think of it, all of my travels this year except one were related to work in some way.

It’s interesting how the lessons or advice we give are often the biggest ones we need to learn.


Why does pampering and loving ourselves even matter?

Well, we deserve it. Any time we feel deprived in any way, it manifests in some way, shape, or form— maybe it’s the feeling of exhaustion from being too busy despite getting plenty of sleep. Self-love nourishes our energy and keeps us at our best. By pampering ourselves we take responsibility for keeping our energy optimal. By taking care of ourselves, we are taking care of others. Personally, my best sessions with clients are after I’ve taken time off to get a massage or when I’ve had some dedicated “me time” away from working. Energy never lies.



The work will be there regardless so taking an hour of dedicated time twice a week to yourself to do exactly what you want to do to relax and nourish yourself can enhance your life in ways you may not even realize. And it’s likely you’ll be more efficient and get work done in a more timely matter. It’s about working smarter and more efficiently. Taking time to do things that nourishes my soul gets me inspired and in turn enhances my work. Permission to relax provides us time to recharge our batteries, providing us with the strength to continue on in a fresh and vibrant way. Taking time off also gets me excited to get back to work— strange, but true! Even your interactions with others will improve and you’ll find yourself shining brighter. I know I do!


What defines pampering is different for each one of us— YOU know what calls to your soul.

Pampering is being selfish to the needs of your soul. If you could do anything you wanted— work would be put on hold and you would be given the time to enjoy yourself and relax— what would you do? That thought right there is what your soul needs. Ask yourself this questions when you are allowing yourself permission to relax.

For me, I enjoy being alone during my dedicated rest time. On occasion I may spend time with certain friends I know will nourish my soul. I like to cuddle up and read books. I like to put away all electronics and turn off my phone. I love to lie on hammocks— lying there, doing nothing, and just being. Sometimes I like to sit in long meditations because I’m not rushed during “me time.” I love to go for massages and get by nails done. I really love to sit and watch nature’s entertainment too— walking on the beach, watching sunsets and laying on the grass looking up into the heavens. I love to travel, and as you’re reading this I’m in Ibiza enjoying a vacation that is purely for pleasure— no work involved, and I know this trip is going to fill me with tons of inspiration to create content and be eager to work with clients upon my return.


I recommend making a list of some of your favorite things to do. Think small AND big. Think, “If I had some time to relax, I’d love to…” There are no right or wrong answers— this is all about being selfish and exactly what your heart is calling you to do is worth exploring. So, give yourself permission to relax. You deserve it! 


P.S. Here is the link to Letters to a Young Poet— one of the most inspiring books for anyone in the creative process.