Try This All Natural Hair Removal

Summer is near and as someone of Colombian, Italian, and Brazilian descent, finding the best, healthiest way to rid the skin of unwanted hair has been on my mind. For as long as I can remember I’ve tried all kinds of hair removal techniques from shaving and waxing to laser hair removal. Luckily now that I’ve made an intention to rid toxins from my environment, this all-natural technique has made it’s way into my life. 


Firstly, tweezing, shaving, and threading are mechanical ways to rid the skin of hair that do not expose us to toxins. However, they can be really time consuming! Shaving can lead to razor burn and threading can actually leaving bruising on sensitive skin. Let’s face it, most people are not going to tweeze their legs, that’s way too much time!

For many years I waxed. Sure it leaves the skin silkier and hair-free for longer than shaving, but many waxes have toxic chemicals added. Plus, there is the risk of burning the skin as well as pulling the skin off with the hair. 

I remember my first encounter with hair removal as a young tween was with Nair. It smelled terrible! There is a major risk of skin irritation and burning. AND it is loaded with toxic chemicals so I definitely recommend staying away! 

Eventually I made my way to laser hair removal. The laser essentially works by killing the hair follicle. It stimulates the immune system to act against the hair follicle. Damaging the hair follicle by stimulating our body to act against itself is similar to the way autoimmune disease works. Also stimulating the body with excess energy can’t be healthy. Even cell phones and electronics emit radiation that affects our cells and contributes to disease. 

Though I’ll admit the laser worked really well and I still have some residual effects like thinner, straighter hair that grows more slowly. I’m opposed to getting maintenance sessions because of the secondary harmful effects that are possible with the laser. 


So most recently I was thinking that perhaps there is organic waxing. Sure enough this place nearby popped up on my internet search. I never heard of sugaring before, but it claimed to be all natural. I have to say this is my favorite way for hair removal thus far in terms of pain level, cleanliness, results and duration of removal. 


Historically, sugaring was developed in the Middle East and it is said the Egyptians used it for hair removal. “Moom” is another name it goes by. The gooey substance is generally made of honey, sugar, and lemon. Though some varieties contain tea tree or Argan oil to decrease inflammation. 


It is molded onto the skin and pulled off. That’s it! The gooey ball is a bit warmer than room temperature so there is no risk of burning. Also rolling it around mixes the ingredients to make it sticky. Though the sensation is similar to waxing, since it pulls out the hairs, I noticed it was less painful (perhaps the temperature makes a difference). There are also YouTube Videos that demonstrate how to use it. 

I’m so pleased with my results I wanted to share this all-natural hair removal with you. Though it takes a certain technique for sugaring, I’m sure after a few tries, you’ll be just fine, or you can find a sugaring place near you. Happy summer to you and let me know how you like it!