The single best thing I do in my life...

Life is a beautiful journey. A mysterious, unpredictable, unknown path awaits. And though we are co-creators of the future no matter how much we dream or plan, nothing is in our control, except for one thing, the action we take each and every day.


We have control over our mind, our body, our being. Of course we can’t control others or the situations happening around us, but we can control how we spend our time, what we do to our body, what we choose to focus on, and if we choose to follow our heart.

Getting clear about what it is we want in life is one of the biggest challenges. With all the distractions and noise constantly bombarding us, it can get confusing. Once we find clarity from the heart, we can live our dreams and achieve our goals. We can, choose to ignore the fear and self-limiting beliefs because we are here to shine! We can choose to act!

We can always find the time for anything that is important to us. I know I do. Where there is a will there is a way. What are your priorities? What do you see for yourself over the next year? What are your goals? How are you feeling?


How can I live the best life I can imagine?

It begins with taking care of me. I live from my heart in each and every moment and I am grateful to my self-practice for this. It provides me with courage and clarity to know what it is I want and the steps to take without getting trapped in the obstacles of fear, doubt, or other self-limiting beliefs.

A selfish, selfless daily practice is the key to success in any arena of life. The beautiful truth is that the brighter our light shines, the more people and goodness gravitate to us. A self-care practice makes us feel extra good about ourselves and all of this love spills over to share with others.

“What is a self care practice?”

It is what you do with your mind, body, and spirit. It’s what you eat, what you do to your body, how you spend your time, the thoughts you choose to focus on, optimizing your perception, being in the here and now, and so much more!

“And where to begin?”


Boy is there tons of information out there! Continued education is important, it’s a way to stay young and a way to continue to evolve. I have worked with teachers and mentors, along with my degrees from my medical doctorate to my bachelors in Psychology and Nutrition, Yoga Teacher Training, Vipassana Meditation, and other healing certifications and courses. And trust me I'm still going! I am attending a course this weekend actually and I'm super stoked about it!

So I asked myself, “Why not share all of the gems you've learned and practice daily with other to inspire and empower healthier, happier living.” And so I’ve decided to do just that. Many of you have been asking for this and it's finally here!


It's 2015, the year of courage and action.

It's time to live brighter and louder. It's time to stand in your power and be the best you can be! I'm SO excited for this! How do we live our dreams and achieve our goals? Action! How do we harness that courage to live loudly, to act? How do we attract all the goodness we deserve? The dream job, the dream partner? How do we get it all? It begins with self-care, a self practice! It’s all inside of you.


I've created this step-by-step 6-week course for you!

Stay on track with your 2015 New Year's Resolutions, eat better, feel better, learn to meditate, learn yoga technique, shift your perceptions for the better, and so much more with a step-by-step, 6-week guide! All at your own pace in the comfort of your home. 


Act NOW, registration ends January 21. Everyone will receive a BONUS—one-on-one coaching with me during the course! AND for every person who registers, I will gift the course to someone in need. I'm committed and excited to inspire and empower you! Invest in you while giving back!  You deserve this! Invest in your life. Invest in a healthier, happier you! Your future self will thank you. Namaste.