You'll never believe which commonly used products contain harmful metals!

Environmental toxins, especially metals, pose a serious health problem. With our oceans being continually polluted by various waste plants and the beauty/hygeine product industry inundating us with various toxins, it appears there is no respite. However, alternative solutions do exist, if we dare to search for them.

Just two years ago I didn’t know about the harmful additives in the beauty products I was using. This week I had lunch with my beautiful friend Serah D’laine and she shared with me about her passion to search for metal free products because a recent blood and urine analysis revealed her Cadmium levels were abnormally high.

Cadmium like Mercury is a metal, and a neurotoxin. Abnormally elevated levels of metals in the body put us at risk for diseases like cancer, autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalances, ADHD, autism, fatigue, and more, because they interfere with cellular and metabolic regulation. This is why the Center for Disease Control has advised eating limited amounts of tuna fish because of the elevated mercury levels.

Since this discovery, Serah went on a mission to find cosmetic products that are free of metals and other unnecessary harmful additives, and luckily she discovered Beauty Counter. I too have been choosing more natural products with fewer ingredients, than the popular ones found in supermarkets and drug stores.  Natural food stores are a great place to find some of these products as well as online. To learn more, watch today’s video and for more info on Serah D'Laine visit:, email:


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