In Person, 2 Hour Session

In Person, 2 Hour Session


Dr. Nikki Starr is an M.D. who awakened to her ancestral and spiritual healing gifts in 2012. This session is serving for anyone looking for an energy upgrade, activation or healing.

Each session is channeled specifically and uniquely for you and your needs, and includes various healing modalities. 

What to expect during the session:

  • a deep smudging and blessing to clear your energy field of what’s not serving

  • guided meditation to support you in setting intentions

  • time for talk therapy, life coaching and intuitive guidance

  • light energy healing using essential oils, crystals, sound bowl and a light language activation

  • Damanhurian pranotherapy energy healing session.

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Please note:

  • In person sessions are two hours, with the possibility to book additional time as long is there is no session following your

  • 24 hour cancellation policy enforced due to limited number of sessions

  • Payment collected at the time of booking the session via Venmo, Paypal to a friend, Zelle, Cash, Check or CC via this website–whichever you prefer.

  • Day long and personal retreats are also available.

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