5 Things You Need to Know About Nuts

Nuts are healthy and nutritious. They make a great snack and fill you up because they are high in fats, which the body needs from healthy sources like these. They are also a great protein/amino acid source. The fat and nutrition profile of various nuts differ, and for the most part they are a wonderful addition to our everyday diets if you:


1.     ALWAYS choose RAW nuts! When nuts are roasted or cooked they are often done so with cheap, unhealthy oils that end up going rancid and spoil. These can lead to gas issues and pollute our bodies. Also cooking nuts essentially kills it, we want to consume LIVE food!

2.     Always choose ORGANIC nuts. Say no to pesticides and GMOs for they are linked to cancer, infertility, hormone imbalances digestive issues etc.

3.     Say NO to peanuts. Peanuts are high in saturated fats without such a great fatty acid profile. Also, they are known to contain Aflatoxin, which is a type of mold linked to liver cancer. P.S. Peanuts are actually part of the legume family, not the nutty one, just FYI.

4.     Say YES to almonds, cashews, and walnuts. These are the three nuts I mainly eat. They have a great fatty acid profile being rich in Omega-3-fatty acids. Omega-3-fatty acids are typically low in the American Diet, and are important because they are heart, cardiovascular, and brain protective.

5.     To improve the digestion of nuts, soak nuts in purified (fluoride free) water overnight before eating. This allows for sprouting to occur which activates more nutrients! Soaking also rinses away anti-nutrient, which is found in many nuts and seeds as a natural protective mechanism so that they wont be eaten.