As we evolve so does our work.

Are you feeling it too? Autumn is here and the winds have brought CHANGE!
What changes are happening/ready to happen in your life?
I’m seeing it with my clients too–clearing out old patterns, kicking lovers to curb and moving onto bigger and better cities/jobs/homes.

It’s beautiful when change happens. Sometimes it can be exciting and other times a mourning ensues. Whichever is happening for you, be gentle with yourself.

Everything is shifting. This is normal, especially when you heal, grow, transform and evolve on the inside. Your outside reality is a reflection of what’s happening on this inside. And boy let me tell you! I’ve had some massive transformations with this dream-come-true move to Malibu, the successful launch of The Ultimate Woman Program (contact me to get on the waitlist for the next one!) and saying goodbye to situations no longer aligned.

My whole reality has changed. I feel lighter, ready to expand and share my gifts in a bigger way.

Ready for change, for a new reality? 
Men, women and couples, this is the last chance to work with me via my 3 month 1:1 personalized coaching program (see details below) and my 2 hour empowerment sessions (online or in person) for they will no longer exist, a new format ensues and my prices go up as of November 1st.

Because I've crafted new potent ways to work with me where we get to spend more time together because I much prefer to have the space to share all my transformational secrets to see even BIGGER changes. The more time we spend together, the better, which also means more of an investment for both of us AND incredible results to brag about (but no need to brag because your energy, successes and transformation will say it all).

So, if you're ready to receive support to...

  • Let go of old sob stories blocking you from receiving the love you deserve?

  • Ditch the excuses holding you back from living your fullest potential and dream life?

  • Say goodbye to “not being able to afford it,” victim mentality or any ways you’re playing small?

  • Heal yourself and forgive the past dramas so you can finally show up as the best version of you?

  • Finally put your needs and happiness first so you can make those burning desires of more love, money and success your reality?

...Then let's chat. Book your free online tea chat with me here>>>

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