My Dream Malibu Beach Home

HUGE Announcement! One of my greatest dreams has come true!!! 

Last week I signed a lease on my dream Malibu Beach Home.
Dreams. Come. True.
Especially when you keep going (no matter what) until they do.

But let me tell you... it wasn't always easy...
I remember when I didn't have a home because I was off traveling the world and doing my deep spiritual work. It was really ungrounding and emotionally challenging.

I remember when this dream felt SO far away. I had no idea how I could get here or make it happen.

Just a few months ago I thought maybe in a few years it can happen.
BUT instead of waiting for "someday,"
I decided to set the intention NOW. AND practice what I preach...

I want to remind you it's here for you! All of your dreams are waiting for you.


We live in a field of infinite possibilities.

That’s the thing about dreams...
They don't have a specific timeline of when they come true, it ALL depends on YOU. 

It can be… in 10 years, never or in just 2 short months (as it was for me). 

Why wait?! YOU decide.
We are here to dream big and live even bigger.
Life is this very beautiful thing we GET to create. We are SO lucky to be the creators of our reality. 

Some may think I’m too young for it to be true.
My Tai chi instructor said, “How the heck did she do that?!”
Some students cried in Sunday’s class when I announced it, saying that it’s inspiring.
I share this also as an opportunity for hope, for what's possible, if I can realize my dreams, so can you.

Well... I'll tell you how I did it... 
Everything I guide my clients through I personally did and continue to do to create my best life–from the healing practices, meditations, manifestation techniques, rituals, energy techniques, mindset, receiving support and more.

My work goes beyond traditional therapy and coaching work. It goes beyond what western medicine taught me. I support the whole person mind, body, spirit, energy, emotions, language, lifestyle, relationship, career-everything’s on the table.

Yes, I know some days are tough, I've been there, and even just two weeks ago I was feeling down and anxious that it might not happen.  (Yes I have those moments of doubt too.)
The first Malibu beach home declined my application.
I was SO upset and stressed! But it didn't stop me.
And guess what?
THANK GOD that happened because this home is WAYYY better and is EXACTLY what I desired to manifest. 


This was possible because I did the healing work on myself. 
I upleveled my mindset with specific techniques around my self worth and what is possible for me clearing any limiting beliefs.
I also I took massive (sometimes scary) inspired ACTION .

I did the WORK. I INVESTED in myself via support from fellow mentors, coaches and healers. I took on more clients and decided to reach more people.

I am SO passionate about my work and supporting others to live their dreams because I sincerely believe EVERYONE can be, do and have WHATEVER you desire.

If you’re willing to do the work, heal, shed the blocks and rid the self doubt, I'm here to remind you that, YES, you CAN do it.

Let's clear whatever fears are holding you back and shift those negative thoughts to empowering ones so you can move forward in the direction of your dreams.

What old limiting, scarcity beliefs are still keeping you stuck? 
No more self sabotaging behaviors, it’s time to shine my love!

Get out of your own way and say yes to you and the life you desire to! 

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I look forward to hearing where you're at and how I can support you moving forward. 

With love always, 

Dr. Nikki Starr

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