Humanity is Awakening

Humanity is awakening to a more conscious existence, where we feel more harmony and connection with ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.

Awakening may begin with the realization that something doesn't feel quite right with the status quo of everyday life. Many people are waking up from a numbing existence–no longer wanting to follow along with what the masses are doing, with a life they think they are “supposed to” be living.

Suddenly watching television, eating processed foods, taking prescription medications, working a 9-5 with a profit-based, ego-driven mentality focused on buy materialistic things without regard from where it came or how it affects the world doesn’t feel so fulfilling anymore.


Awakening is about living a life guided by the heart–walking a more conscious path.

Some refer to awakening as beginning a spiritual journey. Upon awakening we commit to being the best we can be and begin a self care practice. We know that we attract what we are so we choose to be the people we wish to meet.

Awakening results in being more conscious about how we spend our time and money. We become even more cognizant of the environment and company we choose to keep.

We become more aware of the issues humanity is facing. Such as the food situation in the world. And so we are more conscious about what we put into our mouths and feed our bodies. We understand that food is medicine, opting for locally grown, organic, non-GMO food.

We do their best to minimize the carbon footprint and wasting of natural resources including water. Awakened people wish to impact society for the better. Awakened people feel oneness with all beings and things and want to make the world a better place.

Upon awakening, our empathy and sensitivity for all beings and things heightens. We begin to care about others and the Earth even more because we realize we are all connected–everything is connected. Every decision we make impacts others.

The process of awakening is unique to each individual.

The process of awakening can happen in an instant or more gradually–there is no “right” or “one” way.

Instant awakening can be precipitated by an accident, major life disappointment, getting fired from a job, a devastating break up, being diagnosed with a disease, a near death experience, reading a book, spending time with another awakened person etc.

For others, small doses of transformation accumulate over time. Interactions with different people, the media and world happenings may increase our awareness, expanding our consciousness and perceptions about the world and this existence.

Sometimes a spiritual experience or participating in certain healing practices/modalities can precipitate awakening. Meditation, yoga, sound healing, retreating, Nature, new experiences, psychadelics, travel and so forth can all contribute to expanding the limits of our consciousness.

The process of awakening can feel lonely for some when it happens out of the blue. One can feel as though they see a light that no one else does. For others they awaken within a community of people already on the path. Some meet teachers along the way and others go about awakening in a more solitude fashion.

Once awakened, aside from our perceptions, life may or may not change very much. Awakening is a personal and intimate experience–for each person different and equally as precious.

Awakening is also a process of remembering–that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Awakening is realizing we create the life wish to live. Upon awakening we remember who we came here to be, how we are here to be of service to humanity and that we have the power to create any life we wish.

We all awaken to different degrees depending on the life we chose before we incarnated. Some of us may be more spiritual guides this lifetime while others choose a more human experience. Nonetheless, we all have the capacity to awaken.

Remember, we are all teachers and students for each other. Awakening is realizing we are all equal, not only human to human but to all beings and things.

As humanity awakens–heaven on Earth becomes reality.

As more of humanity awakens, new insight, inspiration and innovation changes the world. We are creating sustainable energy and food solutions so that everyone thrives. The dissolution of war, religion, disparity of wealth, and anything else that separates us is happening. Love, peace and unifying endeavors continue to blossom.

It's happening. Let’s continue to come together to create a New World and save the Earth, while unifying and healing all of humanity and species. The reality is–we are here to create heaven on Earth and it begins with awakening.

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