Make a Greater Impact: 8 Reasons to Collaborate

Creation in this new age is all about collaboration. It’s about co-creation. The conscious evolution happening in humanity is shifting us from the once competitive “me” mentality to the now cooperative “we” state of thriving. We each have unique gifts to share with the world and when we join forces, the effects are even more powerful.


8 Reasons to Collaborate:

1. A mastermind is formed.

Two minds can think up even greater possibilities than one person alone. Discussion, asking questions and verbalizing vision provides a spring board to elevate ideas to new heights.

Co-creation is a birthing process. It goes through many stages and shape shifts as thoughts are shared and new insights are gained. When two or more inspired people come together with a unified vision to collaborate, the creative potential rises to another level.

2. It’s fun.

Work can feel like play. It can be fun, inspiring and motivating. Passion and love for the work that we do is natural caffeine. And when we pair up to create with those who inspire us, it’s an espresso shot!

Collaborating doesn’t even have to be for work. It can be for fun, hobbies and passion projects too. As the saying goes, “it’s always better together.”

3. We feel a deeper sense of connection.

We all desire to love and be loved. This human experience is all about love and connection. So why not do what we love with people we love?

Working with those we admire creates the perfect environment for connection. This is the perfect space to celebrate the people we choose to collaborate with and show appreciation for their talents and contributions. At at the same time when we choose to collaborate we feel seen, heard and loved for who we are and all we have to contribute to the world.

All of these feel-good emotions get infused into our work, enhancing the creation process and the finished product too.


4. We learn.

Collaboration is also a wonderful teacher. The relationships that develop while co-creating ignite life lessons to be learned. We learn so much in relationships, even business ones. When we spend time with others we learn more about ourselves through reflection, projection and finding common ground despite our differences.

When we collaborate, we become better listeners. When we work with others we learn to cooperate even more. We feel greater compassion too–accepting others more fully and appreciating their differences because we know diversity adds to the project.


5. A greater support system.

Collaborators remind us that our ideas are great and worth pursuing. When innovative, trailblazing ideas seem crazy to us, collaborators reassure us how awesome they really are. And if we veer off course, our collaborators provide the anchor to steer us back on track. Or support us and assist us in developing a new chosen path.  

Working through challenges becomes less time consuming as trouble shooting becomes easier with another set of eyes, ears and hands on deck too.

6. Two superpowers are better than one.

Every human has a superpower–these are the unique talents and abilities that come naturally to each one of us.  When we team up, the final product is enhanced because of each person’s superpower contribution.

Collaboration makes the process of creation that much richer because each person sees the project from a different perspective and can offer unique insights and ideas, and possibly more efficient and innovative ways of doing things.


7. Reach even more people.

When we are proud of our creations, we want to share them with as many people as possible. We create to inspire others in some way, so the more people who experience our work the better. Collaboration expands our reach because we tap into other networks.

Collaboration projects are more likely to reach a greater audience because each person's contribution adds dimension to the project resulting in more elements for people to connect with.

8. It’s inspiring.

We can collaborate with just about anyone, as long as we have a unified vision and the drive to co-create. Obviously we feel inspired if we choose to collaborate with someone and this enhances our work. Our creative genius expands with new opportunities to create, especially with new, inspiring people of different specialties.

The uniqueness of each collaborator alone can spark inspiration, enhancing the creation process as well as the finished product, making greater impact.

I’d love to hear about your collaborations and how you’ve been inspired to co-create! Please share in the comment section below.

Personally I have a handful of projects happening and they include all types of collaborators from healers, to musicians, to media people, to friends. No two people are alike and it is inspiring to have such diversity in my life.

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